INTA conference, Washington DC


INTA’s annual get-together provided the usual mixture of enlightening talks and fun social events, plus the launch of a new anti-counterfeiting drive.

The International Trademark Association (INTA’s) 2012 conference in Washington DC, from May 5 to 9, was notable for a varied and timely programme, and the announcement of INTA’s Unreal campaign.

This campaign comes after research carried out in collaboration with market research company AMP Agency, and targets teenagers, initially in the US, to educate them about the realities of counterfeiting and piracy, as well enforcement efforts.

Using promotional films based on real stories (one includes an interview with a teenaged driver who crashed because of counterfeit brakepads) and a mix of social and traditional media to get the message across, the Unreal campaign was launched at INTA by Alan Drewsen, INTA’s executive director.

INTA conference, Washington DC, 2012