In the fast lane: new IP proceedings


Petri Eskola

In the fast lane: new IP proceedings

As of September 1, 2013, all civil IP matters in Finland will be centralised from the general district courts to the Market Court. Petri Eskola discusses the implications.

Presently the Market Court is dedicated to matters of marketing law, competition law and public procurement. The specialised IP rights trial division will be established with the Market Court for the purpose.

In the future, IP disputes and invalidation cases, as well as appeals on decisions of the National Board of Patents and Registrations (NBPR), will be heard by the Market Court exclusively. The NBPR’s Board of Appeal will be abolished. The general district courts will continue to have competence for criminal cases.

The Market Court will issue precautionary measures, including interlocutory injunctions, and will hear appeals against domain name decisions of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority regarding the granting of domain names for the .fi root.

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