Emerging stronger: Ukraine’s women lawyers


Muireann Bolger

Emerging stronger: Ukraine’s women lawyers

Anna Pasichnyk / Shutterstock.com

In the face of extreme adversity, female IP attorneys in Ukraine have been unwavering in their efforts to defend their country and the value of its IP. Muireann Bolger hears their stories.

The morning of February 24 began as an ordinary day for IP attorneys Julia Semeniy and Yuliya Prokhoda, with planned court hearings, client meetings and routine school runs in Ukraine.

But when Russia began its onslaught on the country, in an act of internationally condemned aggression, their lives changed dramatically.

Speaking from Kyiv, Prokhoda, CEO, patent and trademark attorney at Intels IP, outlines the tumultuous events that have upended her life and placed her family in constant danger.

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