Effective ways to obtain Japanese patents


Kenji Sugimura and Takahiro Yamazaki

The JPO strives to continually improve the patent system to better serve the needs of patent applicants and the public in view of globalisation and growing innovation. Kenji Sugimara and Takahiro Yamazaki explain.

In order to seize the full commercial potential of a Japanese patent, it is important to capitalise on all protective avenues provided by the JPO. Understanding the technical scope and application of patent laws and regulations is essential to avoid unnecessary restraints, narrowed patent rights and slow, costly prosecution.

Patent Prosecution Highway programme

The JPO continues to implement Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) programmes with an ever-expanding list of countries. The PPH allows an applicant who is issued a patent from the patent office where the application was first filed to request that another patent office accelerate the examination of that patent. The office of second filing can utilise the search and examination results of the office of first filling.