ECTA conference 2011: Stockholm


The European Community Trademark Association’s annual conference saw a lively discussion about ICANN and the new top level domains.

Delegates in Stockholm enjoyed a varied programme, covering anti-counterfeiting, national trademark registrations, the challenges of the Internet and the Max Planck Study on the European trademark system.

The highlight was a panel on Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the new top level domains (TLD), which saw ICANN’s Olof Nordling, branch manager for the organisation in Brussels, outline various measures for protecting trademarks under the new regime and give advice on how brands can object to registrations.

But Nordling faced something of a grilling from panellist and World Trademark Review journalist Adam Smith, who pointed out that there is a “lack of demand” from brands for the new TLDs and pointedly referred to ICANN’s costing structure, which will see the non-profit organisation taking a cut for every domain registered.

ECTA, annual conference, 2011, Stockholm