Diversity in Mexico and beyond


Sarah Morgan

Diversity in Mexico and beyond

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Véronique Durand of Baker McKenzie and Abril Rodriguez of EY share their experiences of diversity and inclusion in Mexico and discuss the current challenges to developing a more inclusive environment.

Having an equitable and inclusive culture at the workplace is a challenge everywhere in the world. While there are universal discrimination practices, there are regions that face particular conditions that make inclusion even more complicated.

In this regard, irrespective of the relevant distinctions between the Latin American countries, we can identify certain challenges that seem to be present across the region, such as a widely embedded ‘machista’ culture, gender expectations that demand women to be devoted to their family and household chores, and a very conservative culture. The combination of these factors has created a culture that hinders women and minorities from accessing leadership roles.

In recent years we’ve seen a major interest by some companies in Latin America to adopt and foster diversity and inclusion (D&I) programmes that aim to attract diverse talent to their workforce. Global firms have been leading the efforts by adapting their international policies and best practices to Latin American countries.

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