Counterfeiting: it's time to step up the fight


Pauline Verheijen

Counterfeiting: it's time to step up the fight

It is important for all brands to have a robust anti-counterfeiting strategy as threats continue to grow. Pauline Verheijen considers the best approaches to the problem.

Most brand owners will know of the threat to their business of counterfeiting and piracy. The challenge comes in quantifying that threat in order to act against it, both proportionately and effectively.

If you don’t know the extent to which your brands and products are being targeted, or where those knock-offs are being produced, transported or sold, how can you target your action, measure its effectiveness and justify the budget? With what can seem like such a mammoth task ahead of them, it’s little wonder that many brand owners choose to put off for tomorrow what they could or should be doing today.

Preparing the business case

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