Class of 2021: Leaving the comfort zone


Liliane Roriz

Class of 2021: Leaving the comfort zone

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Liliane Roriz of Licks Attorneys in Brazil explores how her experience as an appellate judge and her passion for promoting D&I helps her to impart a unique perspective to clients.

What attracted you to the world of IP?

What attracted me the most is how complex and strategic the world of IP is. I am constantly faced with intellectual challenges which, along with my background as appellate judge, bring new perspectives that inspire me to strive for excellence. As a partner at Licks Attorneys, I challenge myself every day when analysing cases and bringing a unique point of view to clients.

These elements allow me to anticipate potential hindrances and create a strong and enforceable strategy. The fact that IP is growing at a fast pace even—or especially—during crises shows us how crucial it is for our society, as it influences our lives every day. I consider IP to be the perfect area for me to make a continued difference in legal matters.

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