Birkenstock takes a bold step


Martin Ochs

Birkenstock takes a bold step

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From January 2017, the German-based footwear company will no longer supply its products for Amazon to sell online and will not authorise any third party merchants to sell on the marketplace section of the online retailer, says Martin Ochs of Hamlins.

Global consumers are doing more and more of their shopping online. However, with this perk of the personal technical revolution comes with it ever-increasing opportunities for the advertising and sale of counterfeits.

Consumers need to stay alert to the risk of purchasing counterfeit products when intending to purchase genuine branded products, but is there anything brands can do to eradicate or limit this illegal activity?

In July this year sandal maker Birkenstock decided to remove its products from Amazon in the US in an apparent protest against its “unacceptable business practices” which, Birkenstock stated, jeopardised its brand.

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