Amendments to the Malaysian Copyright Act


Chew Kherk Ying and Sonia Ong

The Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012 came into force on March 1, 2012, and introduced several key changes to the existing Malaysian Copyright Act 1987. Some of the salient amendments are discussed.

Limitation of liability for service providers

Service providers, defined as those who provide services relating to, or provide connections for, the access, transmission or routing of data, or those who provide or operate facilities for online services or network access, are now afforded a safe harbour in cases of infringement by their users.

Separate safe harbour requirements apply to the transmission, routing and provision of connections, system caching, and the provision of storage and information location tools. Notice and take-down procedures are clearly provided and must be complied with in order for the service provider to rely on the safe harbour.

Malaysia Copyright Act, amendments, IDA, industrial designs, databases, TPM, RMI