AIPF: How boutiques rode out the pandemic


Chris Agrawal

AIPF: How boutiques rode out the pandemic

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IP boutiques were uniquely positioned not just to survive the pandemic, but to emerge even stronger, argues Chris Agrawal of the Association of IP Firms.

When the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the world in March 2020, boutique IP firms joined every other type of organisation around the world in scrambling to contend with unprecedented change.

As did the leaders at virtually every other firm, leaders of IP boutiques, overnight, had to start asking questions such as: “how do we protect our employees’ health and safety while ensuring continuity of service to our clients?”, and “even if we can operate our businesses fully remotely, will our clients keep enough work with us so that we can maintain our entire workforce?”.

Over the months that followed, IP boutiques worldwide proved that they were among the most well-positioned organisations to thrive in the lockdown economy. In fact, many IP boutiques have been able to mirror the good fortune of their high-tech clients and emerge from the first year of the pandemic stronger than they were at the outset.

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