AIPF: Better for boutiques


Brett Lunn

AIPF: Better for boutiques


The Association of Intellectual Property Firms is dedicated to supporting the unique needs of boutique IP firms so they can better serve their clients, says association president Brett Lunn.

While we are still only four months into 2020, it is clear that this year will be like no other in the last decade for the world economy and for IP firms generally. As such, it has probably never been more important than now to have an association such as the Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF).

The AIPF is an international association of independent specialty firms that devote a majority of their practice to IP law. It is dedicated first to supporting the unique needs of the boutique IP firm to better serve clients by providing resources not generally available anywhere else, and second to providing a forum for international collaboration. 

Its vision is to be the primary resource IP boutiques around the world trust for support and insight on all issues pertaining to their unique practice. A somewhat unusual feature is that the firms are the members, and anyone employed by the firms can be involved in the association. This is in contrast to other associations where membership is based on the qualifications or position held by an individual.

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