A welcome modernisation of the Brazilian patent office


Maria Alice Calliari and Liliane Roriz

The modernisation efforts of the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) have been welcomed by the local IP community. In March 2013, Commissioner Jorge Avila announced further improvements.

Until a couple of years ago, Brazilian attitudes towards the importance of IP were unclear. This had an influence on INPI’s role, its benchmarks and the country’s IP and development policies.

This scenario started to change a few years ago and innovation has become important to boosting economic growth. This change has had a strong impact on the INPI administration.

Within the next 10 years, INPI aims to be among the world’s nine largest patent and trademark offices. Time will tell whether this is possible. The reality is that INPI is already moving towards its goal, and it considers modernisation a strategic aspect of this drive.

IMPI, modernisation, patent prosecution, PCT