UK Trademark Rankings 2024


Firm overview:

Deloitte’s IP arm is a technology-focused practice, growing in the trademarks arena following recent acquisitions of IP and brand entities. High-profile names in retail, food and fashion, often looking to enter the tech sphere, have joined the firm’s client list as it expands. The multinational professional services company is known for being one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, and its clients benefit from its ‘connected brand’ offering, engaging the firm for advertising, marketing and financial services as well as IP. 

Deloitte assists with trademark management, exploitation and enforcement, handling large portfolios spanning multiple territories, and has advised on NFTs and the metaverse. Its product Dupe Killer uses AI technology to detect copycats of designs, flagging products using similar colours and finding like-for-like copies, which is popular among the firm’s retail clients including shoe maker Jimmy Choo. For contentious matters, Deloitte represents clients in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and High Court.

Team overview:

Deloitte has 20 people working in IP, with a direct network to commercial and technology-focused lawyers. In the past three years, the firm has acquired boutique firm ClearView IP and Acne, a creative brand agency, adding to the hybrid legal and consulting services offered to clients.


Jimmy Choo