Vladimir Biriulin

Vladimir Biriulin

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Vladimir Biriulin
Partner / Russian Patent Attorney / Head of Special Projects
Gorodissky & Partners

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Vladimir Biriulin counsels clients on Russian and foreign IP legislations, including international IP treaties, conventions, agreements and peculiarities of their implementation in Russia, technology transfer, licensing, copyrights and elaborating efficient strategy of company intangible assets protection. His particular interest covers enforcement and infringement of IP owners’ rights, unfair competition, parallel import and litigation. Biriulin is a recognised litigation adviser representing a broad range of national and international clients in both patent- and trademark- related cases.


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Professional Highlights

  • Represented a well-known American playwright in a case of a copyright protection against several Russian theatres; as a result the theatres made licensing agreements with the author for using her plays.
  • Trademark protection against company name in the context of uncertain legal framework; as a result, the court obliged the company name owner to change its name.
  • Litigation support of a large European jewelry manufacturer in a criminal case; the infringer mixed counterfeit with original products and sold it as original; the infringer was sentenced to one year imprisonment and a heavy fine.
  • Represented a large European automobile company in a trademark defense case against parallel imports; the infringer, a large Russian company, purchased and sold original products without permission of the rights’ holder; the case had a significant impact on the judicial practice of parallel import prohibition.
  • Transactional support for a large US medical company on a range of licenses and sublicenses in several CIS countries.
  • Provided return of a trademark for a large Asian beer company from Russian entrepreneur`s illegal possession.

Participation in Wider Community

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Professional Affiliations

Member of АIPLA and AIPPI