Anna Stopinska Slefarska

Anna Stopinska Slefarska

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Anna Stopinska Slefarska
President of the Board / Patent & Trademark Attorney

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Anna Stopińska-Ślefarska is a Polish patent and trademark attorney, European patent attorney and professional representative before the EU Intellectual Property Office. She has worked in POLSERVICE since 1977. She was in charge of the firm’s Trademark Department for many years. In 2005 she became Member of the Board and in 2018 she was elected President of the Board.
Mrs. Stopińska-Ślefarska has over 30 years of experience in the IP field. She is specialized in trademark prosecution and litigation in Poland and she counsels clients on the strategic developments and establishment of IP portfolios.

Professional Highlights

Ms Stopińska-Ślefarska has broad experience in the maintenance and enforcement of their trademark rights in Poland and other countries. She has advised numerous clients on IP-related business transactions, especially IP assignments and licenses.

Professional Affiliations

Mrs. Stopińska-Ślefarska is involved in several professional organizations. She was a council member of the European Trademark Association in the years 2004-2017, and is a member of its Membership and Disciplinary Committee. She is also a member of the Famous and Well-Known Marks Committee of the International Trademark Association, the Union of European Practitioners in Intellectual Property and the Licensing Executives Society (Poland). Ms Stopińska-Ślefarska has participated as a speaker and moderator at various conferences and events held by professional organizations.

Academic Affiliations

Mrs. Stopińska-Ślefarska is a graduate of the Faculty of International Trade at the Warsaw School of Economics. She holds postgraduate diplomas in competition law from the Jagiellonian University and in law from the European School of Law and Administration.