Amazon’s IP Accelerator launches in India


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Amazon’s IP Accelerator launches in India

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Amazon has launched its IP Accelerator initiative in India, making it easier for sellers on the platform to register marks and access legal services.

The e-commerce platform announced on Sunday, July 4 that sellers on will now be able to use the benefits of its brand protection tools and services, even if their trademark application is pending.

Pranav Bhasin, director, MSME & selling partner experience at Amazon India said: “Establishing IP rights is essential for businesses of all sizes to differentiate their products, earn customer trust and grow their business. However, the process can be complex and time-consuming, leading to a lot of businesses dropping off along the way.

“We are excited to launch IP Accelerator program in India, to support sellers, especially small and medium-sized sellers with nascent brands, in establishing IP protection.”

This service will connect companies to participating law firms for advice protecting their brands, even when their trademark application is processing with the Intellectual Property India Trademarks Registry (INTMR)—a process that can take as long as 18-24 months, according to Amazon.

The IP Accelerator first launched in the US in 2019 and has since expanded to Europe, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and now India.

So far, six Indian law firms have partnered with Amazon to provide services as part of the program: Hasan and Singh, Lexorbis, Sujata Chaudhri IP Attorneys, Amitabha Sen & co, Remfry & Saga and H K Acharya & Company.

Sujata Chaudhri, principal at Sujata Chaudhri IP Attorneys, one of the law firms enrolled under the program, said: “We are happy to be associated with Amazon’s IP Accelerator Program as a selected firm.

“We are sure this program will create an excellent platform for the small, medium and start-up firms in India to get connected with a proven and trusted network of Intellectual Property (IP) law firms in India thereby giving access to various brand protection tools. We look forward to an engaging association with sellers on”

Counterfeit Crackdown

The IP Accelerator program launched following mounting pressure from brands across the world to crack down on counterfeit items on the Amazon storefront.

As a result,  the company managed to block 10 billion counterfeits prior to listing.

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