WIPR Issue 1 2023

WIPR Issue 1 2023

In this issue, the arguments over a Jack Daniel's parody dog toy take a surreal turn; why a US decision over Gruyère cheese has EU producers worried; and how Twitter's source code leak could be a "major crisis" for the company.

Elsewhere, we feature articles on litigation funding, AI and the blockchain, plus five jurisdiction-specific reports ranging from Finland to Mexico.

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‘Cheese with holes’: Gruyère’s IP woes in the US
After a US court dismissed the geographical origin of the Alpine cheese, where does that leave European food producers with similar marks? Muireann Bolger reports.

How Virgin’s small print cost Alaska Airlines $160m in unpaid fees
The airline’s dispute over unpaid trademark licence fees shows that brands remain highly valuable—even if they are abandoned, finds Muireann Bolger.

Lost in the mail: address for service at the UK IPO post-Brexit
Non-UK based rights holders should consider appointing a UK address for service before January next year, says Lauren Somers of HGF.

AI and blockchain: a practical guide to overcoming 101 rejections
Focusing on a practical use for computer-based inventions is one tactic to ensure patent applications don’t short circuit, say Alexander Taousakis and Bradford Fritz of BSKB.

Twitter’s source code leak could represent ‘major crisis’
As the social media platform issues a subpoena over the theft, Sarah Speight delves into the latest crisis that has beset Elon Musk.