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Justices Floyd and Vos appointed to Court of Appeal

02-04-2013Movers & Shakers

Patents Court judges Sir Christopher Floyd and Sir Geoffrey Vos have been elevated to the UK Court of Appeal, it was announced in a government statement on Thursday.

UK launches the Patent Box


A UK tax break aimed at stimulating innovation has come into effect, with attorneys expecting it to meet its goal of encouraging more patent filings.

Tokyo High Court publishes Apple v Samsung ruling


The Tokyo High Court has published a ruling on a patent dispute between Apple and Samsung that could have an important bearing on other Japanese litigation between the companies.

German court ends Lindt chocolate bunny row


Germany’s highest court on Thursday ended a long-running trademark dispute over the Lindt chocolate bunny, one day before the Easter weekend.

Huawei v ZTE patent case referred to the CJEU

China, Germany28-03-2013

A patent infringement case between Chinese telecoms companies Huawei and ZTE has been referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

Nokia sells a chunk of patents to Pendrell


US non-practising entity Pendrell Corporation has acquired 125 patents owned by Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia, it was announced on March 25.

AstraZeneca settles Crestor patent dispute


UK pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has reached a settlement with Actavis and Egis Pharmaceuticals delaying the release of generic versions of its cholesterol treatment Crestor.

EPO holds Unitary Patent talks in Munich


A European Patent Office select committee has begun discussing how much a Unitary Patent should cost users of the system.

Twitter founders patent site's core service


Twitter founders Jack Dorsey and Christopher Stone have been granted a US patent covering the site’s core service.

Trademark Clearinghouse opens for business


The Trademark Clearinghouse has opened today and is running smoothly, according to financial services provider Deloitte, which is validating marks sent to the online repository.

Showing 8151 to 8160 of 8760 results