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IP Australia welcomes ‘ground-breaking’ report on indigenous knowledge


IP Australia has published what it says is a “ground-breaking” report on methods for valuing the contribution of indigenous knowledge to the economy.

Allbirds ‘flattered’ by Amazon lookalike shoe

28-11-2019Saman Javed

The founders of eco-friendly footwear maker Allbirds have penned an open letter to Jeff Bezos, calling out Amazon on making and selling a product “strikingly similar” to one of its shoes.

USITC investigates Google over smart thermostat patents

27-11-2019Saman Javed

The US International Trade Commision has instituted an investigation into certain smart thermostats and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

US-UK trade leak: US seeks changes to patents and GIs

27-11-2019Saman Javed

The Labour Party has obtained confidential documents from trade negotiations between the UK government and the US, which detail the US position regarding IP provisions.

EUIPO sides with Vogue publishers in TM dispute

EU27-11-2019Saman Javed

The EU Intellectual Property Office Board of Appeal has sided with the publisher of Vogue magazine in a trademark cancellation appeal.

EU accedes to WIPO GI treaty

EU27-11-2019Sarah Morgan

A global geographical indication system operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization, which provides protection for names identifying the geographic origin of products such as coffee, tea, fruits, and cloth, will come into force in February 2020.

Versace sues fast-fashion label over Jennifer Lopez dress

27-11-2019Sarah Morgan

Italian brand Versace has taken fast-fashion company Fashion Nova to court in a bid to “redress the flagrant infringement of legendary fashion designer Versace’s iconic apparel”.

Baby Yoda GIFs back online after copyright confusion

26-11-2019Saman Javed

Viral GIFs of a new Star Wars character, Baby Yoda, have been reinstated to a leading GIF sharing site after being temporarily removed over alleged copyright concerns.

Japan Tobacco loses ‘House of Silk’ TM opposition at UKIPO

26-11-2019Saman Javed

Japan Tobacco has been unsuccessful in its bid to stop an Indonesian competitor registering a trademark at the UK Intellectual Property Office which it said would infringe on of its own.

Spotify accused of ‘banning’ rap label’s tracks over cost of royalties

26-11-2019Rory O'Neill

Swedish music streaming giant Spotify is facing a copyright infringement suit from a music rights publishing company and an indie rap label.

Showing 51 to 60 of 8952 results


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