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Apple gets ready to rumble with Amazon


iPhone-maker Apple has accused online retailer Amazon of infringing its ‘App Store’ trademark with the recently launched Amazon Appstore for Android.

Google's book settlement torn up


Google’s plan to digitise millions of books and create an online library has been temporarily thwarted by a US judge.

FTC won't let NPEs be


Non-practicing entities (NPEs) can deter innovation by raising costs and risks without making a technological contribution, according to a March 7 report by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

US Federal Court abolishes '25 percent rule'


The US Federal Circuit has abolished a method for calculating a reasonable royalty rate for patent infringement damages.

Chip makers shake hands


Intel Corporation and Nvidia have agreed a new patent cross-licence deal worth $1.5 billion.

Preliminary opinion says eBay is not liable


Advocate General Niilo Jääskinen has said that online marketplace eBay is not liable for the trademark infringements committed by its users.

Coke accuses Pepsi of copying its dress sense


The Coca Cola Company has put the squeeze on its long-standing rival PepsiCo by filing a trade dress infringement complaint that concerns their respective juice beverage lines.

Microsoft takes a bite out of Apple


Microsoft has opposed Apple’s attempts to trademark ‘App Store’ in the US.

Apple and Beatles company agree iTunes deal


Apple Corps—the record label founded by the Beatles—has finally agreed to let its technology company namesake Apple sell The Beatles’ back catalogue through its online music service, iTunes.

Study shows that Internet pirates are not to be underestimated


A recent study estimates that 23.76 percent of global Internet traffic is infringing copyright.

Showing 10161 to 10170 of 10284 results


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