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Apple gets mixed ruling in ‘identification’ patent dispute

14-09-2021Muireann Bolger

Apple did not meet its burden of proving that two fingerprint authentication patents were invalid at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, according to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

AI company asks Shanghai court to bar iPhone sales in China

China10-09-2021Alex Baldwin

A Chinese AI company has ramped up a patent dispute over Apple’s virtual assistant ‘Siri’, asking the Shanghai High People’s Court to bar the production and sale of iPhones in China.

Tech giants back NHK-Fintiv challenge

31-08-2021Alex Baldwin

Leading tech and life sciences companies including Verizon, Comcast and Mylan Pharmaceuticals have asked the US Supreme Court to order the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to reconsider inter partes review petitions that have been denied due to the NHK-Fintiv rule.

Apple, Visa win Fed Circ appeal over electronic payments

27-08-2021Rory O'Neill

Apple and Visa have won their appeal against a tech company which accused them of infringing secure payment patents with the Apple Pay system.

Judge axes Apple’s $308.5m patent bill over plaintiff delays

09-08-2021Rory O'Neill

Apple has escaped a $308.5 million patent infringement verdict after a Texas federal judge found the plaintiff tried to squeeze excessive royalties on old technologies.

Fed Circ denies Apple en banc redo of Qualcomm decision

21-07-2021Alex Baldwin

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has denied Apple’s request for an en banc rehearing of its decision that Apple lacked standing to appeal an inter partes review that upheld two Qualcomm patents.

Lawyers hail USPTO’s bid to resolve patent eligibility muddle

13-07-2021Muireann Bolger

IP lawyers have welcomed the US Patent and Trademark Office’s call for comments on patent eligibility laws in the wake of concerns that controversial rulings over the past decade have negatively affected innovation.

Apple fails to invalidate Optis cellular SEP

UK29-06-2021Alex Baldwin

The English High Court has ruled that Apple had infringed a cellular standard-essential patent, marking the second loss for the company over multi-jurisdiction infringement claims.

Apple and Fortress strike patent litigation deal

24-06-2021Rory O'Neill

Apple has withdrawn from an antitrust suit against hedge fund and alleged ‘patent troll’ Fortress Investment, which has also dropped multiple infringement suits against the tech company.

PTAB to review two earphone patents after Apple petition

07-06-2021Alex Baldwin

The US Patent Trial and Appeal Board has agreed to review two wireless earbud patents after a petition from Apple as it looks to beat an infringement suit levied at it by headphone manufacturer Koss.

Showing 31 to 40 of 386 results


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