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SCOTUS dismisses Intel challenge to Fintiv rule

22-03-2022Muireann Bolger

The US Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by Intel to challenge the controversial NHK- Fintiv rule, the latest in a series of denials meted out to tech companies and generic drug makers seeking the same review.

High Court finds Apple infringed two more Optis SEPs

UK16-03-2022Alex Baldwin

In the latest round of an ongoing dispute between Apple and Optis, the England and Wales High Court of Justice has ruled that Apple infringes two of Optis’ mobile phone standard patents.

Continental loses automotive patent pool suit

01-03-2022Alex Baldwin

Car parts maker Continental has lost an appeal in its long-running dispute with the Nokia-backed patent pool Avanci.

Apple scores win in diverse emoji copyright suit


Apple has persuaded a Californian court to throw out a lawsuit that accuses the technology company of wilfully infringing copyrights covering ethnically diverse emoji characters.

Apple, Broadcom get $1.1bn damages retrial

07-02-2022Alex Baldwin

Apple and Broadcom have convinced the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to order a new trial to review its $1.1 billion damages loss in a patent infringement case over Wi-Fi technology owned by the California Institute of Technology.

Hirshfeld defends IPR review authority under Arthrex

03-02-2022Alex Baldwin

The acting director of the US Patent and Trademark Office Andrew Hirshfeld has defended his right to review final Patent Trial and Appeal Board decisions under Arthrex.

Qualcomm prevails at Fed Circ in Apple patent dispute

02-02-2022Muireann Bolger

Chipmaker Qualcomm has persuaded the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that the US Patent and Trial and Appeal Board may have erred when it found that claims in a semiconductor patent were invalid.

Apple countersues Ericsson at ITC in escalating patent battle

21-01-2022Alex Baldwin

Apple has fired back at Ericsson’s wave of complaints before the US International Trade Commission this week by filing its own complaint with the agency.

SCOTUS declines Apple, Mylan challenge to NHK-Fintiv rule

19-01-2022Muireann Bolger

The US Supreme Court has rejected bids by Apple and Mylan to overturn the NHK-Fintiv rule, but more challenges to the controversial directive favoured by the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board are likely, say lawyers.

Ericsson sues Apple in WDTX over telecoms SEPs

18-01-2022Alex Baldwin

Ericsson has sued Apple for infringing 12 of its telecom patents after the two companies failed to renew licensing agreements.

Showing 11 to 20 of 386 results