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INTA 2013: protecting trademarks in the cloud


Attorneys at cloud storage providers advised trademark owners how to keep pace with the rapidly-developing technology at the Dallas annual meeting.

INTA 2013: time for international action on GIs


Panellists at the International Trademark Association’s annual meeting in Dallas united to call for a single database including all geographical indications from around the world.

INTA 2013: the challenges of a TV cooking show brand


Trademark attorneys at the International Trademark Association's annual meeting in Dallas learned how to build and protect a TV cooking show brand, an “area where there are no rights or wrongs”.

INTA 2013: Unreal Campaign reaches out to Dallas students


Students from Dallas high schools came to the International Trademark Association’s annual meeting to learn more about anti-counterfeiting.

INTA 2013: Jones kicks off for Cowboys


Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, opened the International Trademark Association’s Annual Meeting with an eye-opening look at how to build a global brand.

INTA 2013: Drewsen bids farewell


Alan Drewsen has bid farewell to INTA after serving 15 years as executive director, telling its annual meeting that he is happy with his tenure.

INTA 2013: sidestepping social media problems


Brand owners heard how to deal with problems related to social media websites at the International Trademark Association annual meeting in Dallas.

INTA 2013: lessons on protecting fluid trademarks


Protecting fluid trademarks, variants of original marks with a different appearance, was the topic of an interactive panel discussion at the INTA annual meeting in Dallas.

INTA 2013: A look ahead


With the International Trademark Association 2013 meeting in full swing, we look ahead at what's happening over the next few days.

INTA 2013: commercial co-ventures take off


Panellists speaking at a session at the INTA 2013 meeting have said commercial co-ventures, which carry associated trademark risks, are becoming increasingly popular.

Showing 2971 to 2980 of 3330 results


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