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Influential Women in IP: juggling childcare and planning for curveballs

08-11-2019Sarah Morgan

As dual-income households rise, requests from men for flexible working arrangements to fit in with childcare responsibilities are reportedly becoming more frequent. But company cultures need to change to ensure that these requests are more broadly accepted, according to a panel.

USPTO seeks authority for inventor diversity survey

01-11-2019Rory O'Neill

The US Patent and Trademark Office has asked Congress for greater data-gathering powers in order to address a “dearth of information” on the participation of minorities in the patent system.

Influential Women in IP: is it ever OK to cry at work?

International22-10-2019Sarah Morgan

Crying at work and whether the work/life balance truly exists were just two of the topics discussed last week at WIPR’s Influential Women in IP in San Francisco.

Influential Women in IP: what is success?

International21-10-2019Sarah Morgan

“We don’t have to define success as making our way up the ladder as quickly as possible. If we have the career that we want, that is more successful than reaching the top,” said Emily Collins, vice president of Kilburn & Strode’s San Francisco office last week.

Influential Women in IP: Potrero Medical VP disproves gender myths

17-10-2019Sarah Morgan

Disproving myths surrounding gender was the theme of a keynote speech delivered by Rebecca Lin, vice president of strategy and global business development at Potrero Medical.

Woman tells UKIPO to catch up with the times after it rejects ‘queer’ TM

04-10-2019Saman Javed

A woman is campaigning for the UK Intellectual Property Office to update its policy after she was denied a trademark which contained the word “queer”.

Female barristers demand greater action on harassment

04-10-2019Rory O'Neill

The UK legal profession is plagued by a “culture of fear” around reporting sexual harassment and bullying, according to the country’s Association of Women Barristers.

Influential Women in IP: Sabre-tooth tigers, self-awareness and SCARF

03-10-2019Sarah Morgan

"You’re all influential women, you’re all leaders in your field. The best thing for leadership is to be self-aware,” said Alison French, managing director of consultancy Alto Solutions.

Female inventors double in last 20 years: UKIPO report

International03-10-2019Sarah Morgan

Over the past 20 years, the proportion of female innovators worldwide has almost doubled, but there’s still a lot of work to do, according to a report released by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Influential Women in IP: working in the major league and PTAB fairness

25-09-2019Sarah Morgan

There have always been talented women, but the decisions they’ve had to make in the past at law firms have meant that sometimes they leave the standard partnership track, never to return.

Showing 1 to 10 of 18 results