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What it takes to be a Malaysian patent agent

Malaysia09-08-2016Chew Qi-Guang

Patent agents generally have unique educational backgrounds compared to professionals in other legal practice areas. Many patent agents in Malaysia have a tertiary qualification in engineering or sciences.

Italy: A perfect review of principles

Italy09-08-2016Claudio Balboni and Andrea Cappai

One of an attorney’s favourite things is a good Supreme Court judgment that sums up the most important issues regarding a specific matter and sets the record straight for future decisions of lower courts and administrative authorities. This is even more true when it comes to case law-driven fields, such as trademark law.

Germany: Determining design infringement

Germany09-08-2016Jens Künzel

Questions of design infringement often hinge on the facts of a particular case, but courts have developed—and are constantly in the process of further refining—certain rules that determine if and when a certain product can be said to infringe a certain registered design.

Trade secrets protection: a European affair

EU, France09-08-2016Aurélia Marie

Confronted by an increasing number of thefts of information and lack of harmonised regulations, the European Commission took up the issue of protecting trade secrets in 2013.

Supreme People’s Court 2015 report card

China08-08-2016Guangyu Zhang

In April 2016, the Supreme People’s Court released the “Annual Report of the Intellectual Property Cases Heard by the Supreme People’s Court in 2015”. According to the report, the Supreme Court accepted 759 IP cases and concluded 754 in 2015.

Great hopes for the PPH

Brazil08-08-2016Otto Licks and Antonio Morschbacker

The patent backlog at the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) has been one of the largest in the world for many years. While other patent offices, such as the US Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office, Japan Patent Office, China’s State Intellectual Property Office and the Korean Intellectual Property Office have been successful since 2010 in reducing pendency time following the adoption of better procedures, the patent examination delays of the INPI have increased in recent years.

Business brief 2016: Vietnam

Vietnam20-05-2016Le Quang Vinh

Business brief 2016: Venezuela

Venezuela20-05-2016Hugo Alberto Bazzani Aronne

Business brief 2016: United Kingdom

UK20-05-2016Alison Simpson and Mark Green

Business brief 2016: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka20-05-2016Anomi Wanigasekera and Sandamali Kottachchi

Showing 161 to 170 of 1021 results