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Velcro: fighting genericide one video at a time

US13-08-2018Manufacturing, Retail

Velcro Companies, famed for producing the hook and loop fastener, has employed some innovative tactics in the battle against trademark genericide. WIPR finds out more in an interview with senior counsel Alexandra DeNeve.

Growing together in the IoT


The internet of things is likely to have a profound impact on patent licensing and innovation, resulting in strange industry bedfellows such as agriculture and telecoms, as WIPR finds out.

Thinking outside the box: tax focus

Luxembourg, US10-08-2018

While the patent box system is well-known for encouraging companies to benefit from lower taxation, it is just one part of a complex relationship between IP and tax. WIPR reports.

IP and competition: a waiting game


Several pending cases should provide further guidance on the contentious issue of ‘pay-for-delay’, where IP and competition laws collide. WIPR reports.

The reality of IP in a fictional world

International09-08-2018video games

IP plays a wide-ranging and crucial role in the video games industry, but not everyone has realised this yet, as WIPR finds out.

Getting the right Balance

China09-08-2018Fashion, Retail, Sports

Sportswear brand New Balance is employing a range of measures to ensure Chinese consumers get authentic New Balance products, says senior brand protection manager Angela Shi in an interview with WIPR.

Advantage Federer: who owns ‘RF’?

Switzerland, UK08-08-2018Sports

The tussle between tennis champion Roger Federer and Nike over the ownership of his initials highlights that there are a few significant considerations for brands when signing a contract with a sportsperson. WIPR investigates.

Questions of novelty in medical use patents

China08-08-2018PharmaceuticalsWeiwei Han

Decisions by China’s Supreme People’s Court and Patent Reexamination Board have provided more clarity on the patentability of medical use inventions, says Weiwei Han of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.

Creating a forward-looking patent strategy

UK07-08-2018Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg

In the first of a three-part series, Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg of Express Search explore the importance of landscaping at the beginning of any patent strategy.

France jurisdiction report: Castles and commercial use

France06-08-2018Aurélia Marie

Can an image of a castle belonging to the French public domain be reproduced for commercial use without financial compensation to, or authorisation from, the public institution in charge of the Chambord Estate, in the Loire Valley?

Showing 71 to 80 of 2640 results


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