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How France is tackling sports piracy

France04-06-2021Smaïn Guennad and Louis De Gaulle

Following legislative changes to empower sports rights owners, Smaïn Guennad and Louis De Gaulle of De Gaulle Fleurance explain the current legal framework in France.

SEPs: Secrets solution?

India03-06-2021Pankaj Soni and Ankush Verma

Standard-essential patent owners are looking to the Supreme Court of India to iron out the quirks of ‘confidentiality clubs’ in litigation, explain Pankaj Soni and Ankush Verma of Remfry & Sagar.

INTA: You don’t need a crystal ball

International03-06-2021Etienne Sanz de Acedo

The IP landscape is evolving quickly, and stakeholders of all types must embrace change and adapt or be left behind. What does the future hold? International Trademark Association chief Etienne Sanz de Acedo investigates.

ECTA: The risks of progress without a plan

International03-06-2021Mladen Vukmir

The implications of applying AI solutions must be carefully and fully considered before they are implemented, argues Mladen Vukmir of ECTA.

Italy copyright: A complicated picture

Italy02-06-2021Valentina Gazzarri

The laws protecting photographs in Italy were highlighted in a recent ruling from Rome, explains Valentina Gazzarri of Bugnion.

CITMA: Beyond Brexit: dawn of a new era for IP in the UK

UK02-06-2021Richard Goddard

Having navigated its departure from the EU, the UK is set to maintain its place as a global IP leader, says Richard Goddard of the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys.

AIPPI: The COVID-19 pandemic: pressures on IP

International02-06-2021Eyal Bressler

COVID-19 has resulted in major changes for IP. Eyal Bressler of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property examines some of the most significant.

Cape Verde: is there a brighter picture for patent rights?

South Africa01-06-2021Diana Pereira

Trademarks have dominated Cape Verde’s IP field at the expense of other rights such as patents and industrial designs for many years. But this scenario could be about to change, says Diana Pereira of Inventa International.

Promoting better mental health in IP firms

28-05-2021Emily Collins

As US Mental Health Awareness Month (May) draws to a close, mental health campaigner Emily Collins, vice president of Kilburn & Strode’s San Francisco’s liaison office, reflects on how wellbeing and work success are inextricably linked.

US: Distinguishing between patent searches

26-05-2021Paul J Sutton

There is a fair amount of confusion surrounding patent-related searches. This article attempts to clarify the nature of patent searches so that inventors and managers of IP will be better prepared to base their business decisions upon reliable information.

Showing 71 to 80 of 3358 results


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