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Comment: Dropping of PepsiCo’s Aunt Jemima is long overdue

19-06-2020Stephen Coates

PepsiCo is right to drop the crude, racial stereotype featured in its Aunt Jemima brand. But there’s still plenty more brands can do, argues Stephen Coates of Coates IP.

Friends in D&I places

Australia, Scotland, United Kingdom, United States18-06-2020Tom Phillips

Creating a diversity culture at work needs allies who aren’t afraid to get a little uncomfortable, as WIPR’s Tom Phillips discovers.

Instagram: copyright free-for-all?

17-06-2020Kimberly Almazan and Lauren Bursey

A New York federal court appears split on how to deal with the copyright law around public Instagram posts. Kimberly Almazan and Lauren Bursey of Withers report.

Dissecting SkyKick

EU - TRADEMARKS, United Kingdom15-06-2020Computer software, TelecomsSimon Clark, Lucie Fortune and Elisa Lindemann

Simon Clark, Lucie Fortune and Elisa Lindemann of Bristows unpick the English High Court’s ruling in Sky v SkyKick, one of the most significant trademark decisions of the year.

Interview: INTA CEO talks virtual conferences and digital transformation

International12-06-2020Sarah Morgan

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced IP associations around the world to postpone their conferences this year, either cancelling them entirely or making the move online. The International Trademark Association is no exception, but as CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo says, it’s been planning a digital transformation for some time—the pandemic has just forced its hand. 

Georgia ruling: end of the public-private partnership?

12-06-2020B. Brett Heavner

B. Brett Heavner of Finnegan explores the implications of the US Supreme Court’s Georgia v Public.Resource.Org ruling for US states and their legal codes.

Trailblazers: The best advice

International05-06-2020Sarah Morgan

For people starting out in any field, it’s important to learn from the ones who are already making their mark. WIPR spoke to some of the 2019 Class of Trailblazers about their advice for those entering the IP profession and the challenges they’ve overcome.

3M’s litigation crusade: the price-gouging saga

05-06-2020Angela He and Zachary Alinder

What lessons can be learned from 3M’s determined campaign against the alleged price-gouging of its face masks? Angela He and Zachary Alinder of Sideman & Bancroft report.

The great exodus

International, UK04-06-2020Sarah Morgan

Bullying, a dearth of opportunities and lower pay are just some of the reasons why the legal profession is bleeding its minority groups. Sarah Morgan investigates.

A culture of growth and equality

Iceland03-06-2020Sarah Morgan

Borghildur Erlingsdóttir, director general of the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office, sees massive opportunities at a time when Iceland’s economy is at a turning point, drawing on its old industries to drive innovation, as she tells Sarah Morgan.

Showing 71 to 80 of 3092 results