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Promoting women in STEM


What does it mean for women to be at the heart of our business? Janine Swarbrick and Sofie McPherson of HGF examine the gender balance in IP and what is being done to improve it.

Nigeria: Copyright and the protection of creatives

Nigeria07-11-2022Adeoluwa Ademola

Creatives should take copyright law as seriously as their art, explains Adeoluwa Ademola of Inventa

How will you adapt? asks Google's Gail Su

04-11-2022Gail Su

After repeatedly being told that she ‘did not look like’ an engineer, Gail Su of Google hails the launch of a new diversity and inclusion platform for IP professionals

The Japan Patent Office’s ‘Guide to Licensing Negotiations Involving Standard Essential Patents’ (second edition)

Japan03-11-2022Takanori Abe

The office’s updated guide contains major changes, explains Takanori Abe of Abe & Partners.

A case for aligning copyright and the videogame industry

Global02-11-2022Gaetano Dimita, Yin Harn Lee, Michaela Macdonald

The first global study into copyright infringement and enforcement in the videogame industry reveals the key threats and makes recommendations, explain the report’s authors Gaetano Dimita, Yin Harn Lee and Michaela Macdonald.

A guide to the UK IPO’s thinking on AI inventions

UK31-10-2022Howard Read, Paul Roscoe, Matthew Bennett

New guidance on the office’s examination of AI inventions provides helpful scenarios for innovators, explain Howard Read, Paul Roscoe, and Matthew Bennett of Appleyard Lees.

A time for reflection

International28-10-2022Andrea Brewster

Seven years after founding IP Inclusive, Andrea Brewster offers insights on the organisation’s remarkable journey and its impact on the sector.

Mentorship: Reaching out

International27-10-2022Malaika Tyson

Diverse mentorship is a powerful tool to help attorneys from minority backgrounds navigate the office environment and ultimately become industry leaders, says Malaika Tyson of McAndrews, Held & Malloy.

Striving for authenticity

International26-10-2022Muireann Bolger

Authenticity is often seen as being key to personal and professional success. But when you don’t fit a certain mould, achieving this desired state in the workplace can be challenging, as lawyers disclose to Muireann Bolger.

Ageism in the multigenerational workforce

International24-10-2022Sarah Speight

As the average lifespan and working age increases, more people are choosing to work past retirement—but is ageism an issue faced in the workplace? Sarah Speight investigates.

Showing 71 to 80 of 3670 results