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Practicing What You Preach


Corporate social responsibility has become an important issue for brands, but it’s vital to back up your good words with good actions, as Rory O’Neill reports.

There’s No Place Like Home


Geographical indications can be powerful tools to maintain the quality and reputation of regional brands—but protecting them can take patience and persistence. 

INTA and Kenya’s Anti Counterfeit Authority Sign Memorandum of Understanding

International, Kenya22-05-2019

INTA and Kenya’s Anti Counterfeit Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 20, during the Annual Meeting.

Sweden jurisdiction report: The innovation quartet changing the world

Sweden21-05-2019Maria Zamkova

The Öresund bridge that opened in 1999 between Denmark and Sweden, further connecting southern Scandinavia with central and Western Europe, is not just a practical example of constructive cooperation between Denmark and Sweden. It can also be seen as a symbol of inventive collaboration in the region.

Taiwan jurisdiction report: Amendments to Taiwan patent law

Taiwan21-05-2019Tony Tung-Yang Chang

The Draft Amendment to Taiwan’s Patent Law was passed by Taiwan’s Legislature on April 16, 2019. The Amended Patent Law will take effect from November 1, 2019.

Turkey jurisdiction report: Mediation in opposition cases

Turkey21-05-2019Özlem Fütman and İnci Asena Suvar

Mediation was first practised in Turkey following publication of the Code on Mediation in Civil Disputes no. 6325 on June 22, 2012. Since January 10, 2017 when the IP Code No. 6769 entered into force, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TurkPatent) has been authorised to invite parties to mediation in opposition cases.

US jurisdiction report: The valuable Patent Cooperation Treaty

21-05-2019Paul J. Sutton

A newly formed company, Startup Co, is the owner of what the firm believes to be a wonderful invention that may disrupt a decades-old industry.

Making the Most of Your Resources


Targeting your investment when tackling counterfeits is the key to an effective enforcement program, as Rory O’Neill reports.

Big Promises, Big Data


Using machine learning to analyze big data will ultimately transform the world around us, and it’s already having an impact on intellectual property professionals, as Sarah Morgan reports.

Fair Trade Principles in the IP World


The fair trade philosophy is more often associated with chocolate or coffee than intellectual property, but fair trade principles have applications for intellectual property professionals too.

Showing 71 to 80 of 2864 results