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Russia: Reading into the latest ‘resolutions’ document

Russia27-11-2019Vladimir Biriulin

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation monitors what is going on in courts all over the country and periodically issues so-called “resolutions”. Vladimir Biriulin of Gorodissky & Partners reviews the most recent, which deals with IP.

EU trademark infringement: Where in the world?

EU27-11-2019Jeremy Blum and Marc Linsner

The CJEU recently confirmed that where customers are ‘targeted’ can be the basis for deciding jurisdiction in online EU trademark infringement cases, as Jeremy Blum and Marc Linsner of Bristows explain.

France jurisdiction report: Originality does not mean beauty

France27-11-2019Aurélia Marie

According to Regulation 6/2002 of December 2001 on Community designs or the Directive 98/71/EC of October 1998 on the legal protection of designs, applied arts can benefit from a plurality of protections originating from design right and copyright, with each protection subject to its own specific rules.

Germany jurisdiction report: Jurisdiction ruling overturns German case

Germany27-11-2019Jens Künzel

On September 5, 2019, in the matter AMS Neve v Heritage Audio, the Court of Justice of the European Union clarified the question of jurisdiction in cases where the defendant has committed several potentially infringing actions in more than one EU member state, for example by offering goods on the internet, or by sending an email offer to a customer in another member state.

India jurisdiction report: Maintainability of composite suits

India27-11-2019NV Saisunder and Aanchal M Nichani

A landmark judgment was recently passed by a special five-judge bench of the Delhi High Court in the case of Carlsberg Breweries v Som Distilleries and Breweries wherein it overruled an earlier judgment passed by a three judge bench in Mohan Lal v Sona Paint & Hardwares.

Africa: open for business

Africa26-11-2019Daniel Reis Nobre

Growing economies, updated laws, low-cost protection … African nations offer so much to rights owners who are ready to take the risk. WIPR’s Tom Phillips met Daniel Reis Nobre of Inventa International to find out more.

IP in Africa: Project Africa

Africa26-11-2019Sarah Morgan

Despite inconsistent legal systems in the continent, WIPR’s Sarah Morgan finds some organisations fighting to put IP firmly on Africa’s agenda.

Museum copyright: History for sale

26-11-2019Saman Javed

The issue of copyright of paintings, statues and artifacts is controversial, but WIPR’s Saman Javed finds museums in no mood to give up a valuable source of revenue.

Standard-essential patents: The battle over 5G

International26-11-2019Rory O'Neill

Future tech will rely on ultra-fast data speeds, making the standard-essential patents on which it operates some of the most coveted IP of all time, as WIPR’s Rory O’Neill explains.

Mexico: In the shadow of the drugs war

Mexico26-11-2019Saman Javed

Plant breeders in Mexico find it almost impossible to protect their rights in a country where enforcing IP can bring you face-to-face with the cartel, as WIPR’s Saman Javed finds.

Showing 71 to 80 of 2998 results


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