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Avoiding and punishing counterfeiting

01-02-2010Rahul Chaudhry

With counterfeiters becoming ever bolder, and the range of counterfeit products increasing all the time, brand owners must be vigilant in protecting their intellectual property, says Rahul Chaudhry.

Counterfeiting challenges for 2010

01-02-2010Ameet Datta

Anti-counterfeiting strategies seeking to address trademark and copyright violations in India consist of a blend of civil and criminal remedies. Ameet Datta takes a look at the challenges for the coming year.

A step too far? Generic drugs price fixing and Spain's Medicines Act

01-02-2010Eduardo Castillo & Ana Bayó

Eduardo Castillo and Ana Bayó explain the implications of amendments to Spain’s Medicines Act and the establishment that fixing the price of generic drugs does not constitute patent infringement.

What next for stem cell research?

01-01-2010BiotechnologyJustin Turner

The European Court of Justice is faced with a crucial decision on stem cell research. Justin Turner QC explains.

Myriad issues for gene patents


A recent US district court ruling could significantly affect companies that patent genes and threaten the health of an entire industry. LSIPR investigates.

The surge in medical patent activity

01-01-2010Paul Sutton

Paul Sutton examines the arguments for and against patenting medical and surgical procedures.

New regulations for registering domain names in China


Companies seeking to register .cn domain names should beware of the potential dangers, says Xiang Gao.

Luxembourg courts continue trademark scrutiny

Luxembourg01-01-2010Chris McLeod and Florian Traub

Since December 2009, the European Court of First Instance has been known as the General Court. But the name change has not altered the pace at which decisions issue from the General Court and ECJ, say Chris McLeod and Florian Traub.

IP portfolio management with a twist

01-01-2010Christian Fortmann and Sebastian Tegethoff

Christian Fortmann and Sebastian Tegethoff take a fresh look at how to achieve a modern approach to IP portfolio management.

How broad is free trademark use under the spare part exemption?

Hungary01-01-2010Michael Lantos

Other suppliers of accessories and spare parts for branded equipment should be careful to use the brand name to designate the equipment but not the spare part, explains Michael Lantos.

Showing 3631 to 3640 of 3692 results