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The utility of utility models in India

India01-08-2011Pankaj Soni

Indian companies find themselves hamstrung by an inability to protect innovations and improvements to existing technologies. The time has come for a utility model regime, says Pankaj Soni.

What next for the BRICS group?

Russia01-08-2011Vladimir Biriulin

In December 2010, South Africa was formally asked to join the BRIC group. Vladimir Biriulin considers the future of BRIC+S and the emerging IP issues in member country Russia.

Mitigating risk through effective IP rights management

01-08-2011Adam Wylie

Law firms looking to reduce the risks associated with the management of IP rights are advised to consider outsourcing to a specialist service provider, suggests Adam Wylie.

Living off fame: protecting a celebrity's name in India

India01-08-2011Amritesh Mishra

Globalisation of the market has made it essential to protect a celebrity’s name. Amritesh Mishra considers how India is equipped to protect celebrity rights.

Distinctive or not distinctive? Food and drink brands in Hungary

Hungary01-08-2011Judit Lantos

To ensure trademark protection, brand owners must be familiar with how national offices evaluate distinctiveness. Judit Lantos takes a look at some important Hungarian cases.

A brave decision: data package exclusivity in Brazil

Brazil01-08-2011Otto Licks

A leading decision enforcing data package exclusivity for pharmaceuticals for human use reveals the positive impact of enforcing the rule on widening access to medicine in Brazil.

Engineering information as prior art

01-08-2011Ron Kaminecki

Ron Kamecki looks at the tools available for scientific searches of prior art, and the steps to take beyond checking readily available sources such as MEDLINE or Inspec.

Supreme Court of Canada's Masterpiece trademark judgement

Canada01-08-2011Victoria Carrington

The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) released its latest trademark decision on May 26, 2011 in the case of Masterpiece Inc v Alavida Lifestyles Inc.

EU Patent: enhanced co-operation without Italy and Spain?

EPO01-08-2011Michael Fabricius Madsen

The current European patent system is fragmented because patent protection is limited to the member states in which the patent is validated and patents have to be enforced in the national courts.

Domain names in France: a new legal regime

France01-08-2011Aurélia Marie

A new legal regime for domain names has been operating in France since July 1, 2011.

Showing 3421 to 3430 of 3930 results


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