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Luxembourg courts continue trademark scrutiny

Luxembourg01-01-2010Chris McLeod and Florian Traub

Since December 2009, the European Court of First Instance has been known as the General Court. But the name change has not altered the pace at which decisions issue from the General Court and ECJ, say Chris McLeod and Florian Traub.

IP portfolio management with a twist

01-01-2010Christian Fortmann and Sebastian Tegethoff

Christian Fortmann and Sebastian Tegethoff take a fresh look at how to achieve a modern approach to IP portfolio management.

How broad is free trademark use under the spare part exemption?

Hungary01-01-2010Michael Lantos

Other suppliers of accessories and spare parts for branded equipment should be careful to use the brand name to designate the equipment but not the spare part, explains Michael Lantos.

Comparative advertising

India01-01-2010MediaRahul Chaudhry

When advertisers promote their brands, it may be tempting to disparage rival products. But brands should take care that any comparisons they make are justified, says Rahul Chaudhry.

The limitations of the European Patent Office—in the view of the English appeal court

EPO, EU, UK01-01-2010BiotechnologyJacqueline Needle

Recent decisions have seen the English Appeal Court criticise the decision-making process of the European Patent Office. Jacqueline Needle looks at the implications.

Mexico backs innovators in pharmaceutical debate

Mexico01-01-2010Rodrigo Calderon Ponce

Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled on the interpretation of a long-standing and controversial patent debate: marketing authorisation linkage regulations.

Biotech patent claims from application to patent infringement

EPO, EU, Poland01-01-2010BiotechnologyMagdalena Tagowska

While European harmonisation continues apace, national differences continue to affect how best to construct a patent claim, say Magdalena Tagowska and Agnieszka Zebrowska-Kucharzyk.

After Lucent: how the federal circuit became more rigorous on damages

01-01-2010Kevin McCabe and Mark Fox Evens

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has recently demonstrated a renewed scrutiny of damages awards.

Creating a sustainable online brand management strategy


Fabio Angelini and Lorenzo Litta, of the International Trademark Association, caution companies against being too aggressive in protecting their trademarks online.

Tightening up the Balkans

01-01-2010Anamarija Stancic Petrovic and Mihajlo Zatezalo

In anticipation of joining the European Union in the next 10 years, the Western Balkan countries are starting to take intellectual property protection seriously, say Anamarija Stancic Petrovic and Mihajlo Zatezalo.

Showing 3211 to 3220 of 3263 results


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