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Poland jurisdiction report: The benefits of going digital

Poland25-05-2021Aleksandra Solyga-Zurek

It has now been over a year since the most recent restructuring of Polish IP law. One of the aims of the update was closer harmonisation with regulations in other EU countries and with the European Patent Convention. Despite these efforts, however, many differences in procedure, and perhaps more importantly, in substantive matters, persist.

Poland jurisdiction report: Poland welcomes new IP rules

Poland29-04-2020Aleksandra Solyga-Zurek

There have been numerous changes relating to IP regulations in Poland. One of the most significant is the establishment of specialised IP courts.

Acquired distinctiveness: is any category of marks exempt?

Poland01-12-2012Marta Skrobot

Sufficient distinctiveness is one of the basic requirements for a trademark to be applied for at the Polish Patent office.

Trademark battle over a blade of grass

Poland01-08-2012Anna Zakrocka

After World War II, all Polish liquor manufacturers became state-owned companies associated within Polmos, the Polish spirits monopoly, until 1990.

An average consumer model in Polish case law

Poland01-06-2012Anna Zakrocka

A right of protection for a trademark is granted by the Polish Patent Office after examination of whether the mark applied for is eligible for registration in Poland on relative and absolute grounds.

Letters of consent: a source of consent or a bone of contention?

Poland01-04-2012Slawomira Piotrowska

The most frequent basis for refusal of protection for a trademark is the existence of valid earlier rights in the name of third parties in the same sector.

Fighting back: tackling cybersquatters in Poland

Poland01-01-2012Jaromir Piwowar and Bartek Kochlewski

It is not always straightforward to deal with a ‘cybersquatter’, but in Poland, a raft of remedies is available. Jaromir Piwowar and Bartek Kochlewski take a look.

Recent Polish case law on industrial designs

Poland01-10-2011Monika Wieczorkowska

The District Administrative Court, which has the authority to hear complaints against decisions made by the Polish Patent Office in the field of industrial designs, has recently confirmed several important rules in this area.

Protecting numbers in Poland

Poland01-08-2011Tomasz Rychlicki

Polish publisher Agencja Wydawnicza Technopol Sp zoo succeeded in registering various trademarks at the Polish Patent Office for goods in class 16, such as brochures, magazines, journals and newspapers.

When can non-use be justified?

Poland01-04-2011Monika Wieczorkowska

The Supreme Administrative Court ruled in December that the fact that there are cancellation proceedings pending against a trademark registration does not constitute an important reason for non-use.

Showing 1 to 10 of 13 results