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Questions of novelty in medical use patents

China08-08-2018PharmaceuticalsWeiwei Han

Decisions by China’s Supreme People’s Court and Patent Reexamination Board have provided more clarity on the patentability of medical use inventions, says Weiwei Han of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.

Effective GUI protection in China

China21-05-2018Xiaojun Guo

The “two-prong” test under the existing patent law framework makes it difficult to enforce a GUI design patent. To do this, certain changes will have to be made to the law, says Xiaojun Guo of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.

Patent infringement in China: finding the source

China17-10-2017Yuanyuan Tian

Courts in China should take a cautious approach in applying the ‘legitimate source’ defence to patent infringement, says Yuanyuan Tian of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.

The ins and outs of reconsideration

China30-08-2017Xiaojun Guo

China’s State Intellectual Property Office is handling an increasing number of requests to rehear decisions on patents and patent applications, says Xiaojun Guo of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office, who explains the rules in this area.

Trademark tips for international traders

China, International04-06-2017Yue Zheng and Lei Fu

Businesses that use original equipment manufacturers in China should follow several tips to avoid any trademark infringement difficulties, as Yue Zheng and Lei Fu of CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office explain.

A flexible approach to law making

China28-09-2016Xiaojun Guo

Chinese judges can use their discretion to overcome the rigidity of statutory laws, but they may also introduce uncertainty to IP cases, as Xiaojun Guo of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office explains.

Chinese legal developments: Counting the cash

China03-08-2016Guoxu Yang

Legal changes in China are likely to make it easier for patent owners to claim higher damages in infringement lawsuits, and there are further positive changes on the horizon, explains Guoxu Yang of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.

China focus: A match not made in heaven

China20-05-2016Yuncheng Li

A trademark lawsuit filed against a TV dating show in China focused on the doctrine of reverse confusion, as Yuncheng Li of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office reports.

Covering all the bases: customs in China


For many brands, China is a scary prospect because of the sheer volume of counterfeit product that has to be dealt with. WIPR talks to Chinese attorneys about customs and border measures in the country.

Showing 11 to 19 of 19 results


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