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The story of ‘Black Friday’ in Germany

Germany18-07-2018Michael Frank

The cancellation of the ‘Black Friday’ trademark in Germany shows that terms in widespread use are vulnerable to cancellation, as Michael Frank of Brandstock reports.

Mastering the renewals merry-go-round


WIPR reports on a selection of the world’s trademark renewal services, which are crucial tools for allowing companies to prune and protect their portfolios.

Brandstock wins important judgment for Diesel at EU General Court

EU30-10-2017FashionElena Galletti

In July the EU General Court ruled in favour of the well-known fashion brand Diesel in a trademark case related to the company’s ‘D’ trademark, writes Elena Galletti of Brandstock.

Machines, artificial intelligence and IP departments

International10-10-2017Volker Spitz

While artificial intelligence is unlikely to replace IP departments overnight, it may have an increasingly influential role in the medium and long term, as Volker Spitz of Brandstock finds out.

How AI can help with IP management


Artificial intelligence can have many benefits for companies specialising in IP management, even if they have been slow to adopt it, says Volker Spitz of Brandstock in an interview with WIPR.

Brandstock interview: brand valuation at BASF

International07-03-2017Hans-Jürgen Lutz

Hans-Jürgen Lutz, vice president, marketing communication, brand and trademark management crop protection at BASF, answers questions about the value of trademarks to one of the largest chemical companies in the world.

Accenture and Brandstock: working collaboratively

US14-12-2016Kristen Poggensee

Kristen Poggensee of Accenture discusses the benefits of working with IP management specialist Brandstock on clearing trademarks and taglines, in the third in a series of articles profiling the company.

L’Occitane: the perks of using specialist IP providers

International27-09-2016Ingo Dauer

Ingo Dauer of skincare and beauty products brand L’Occitane discusses the benefits of working with Brandstock from the perspective of a general counsel, in the second in a three-part series of articles profiling the IP management company.

A three-pronged approach: bringing names to market

EU, International16-09-2016Jayne McClelland

In the first of a three-part series of articles, Jayne McClelland, a trademark attorney at Syngenta, discusses best practices for creating, clearing and registering trademarks and her collaboration with Brandstock.

Brandstock: modernising in-house trademark departments

Germany15-09-2016Volker Spitz

Many trademark departments are lagging behind and are in need of a drastic overhaul, but too often there is resistance to change, as Brandstock CEO Volker Spitz explains to WIPR.

Showing 1 to 10 of 11 results


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