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US jurisdiction report: Qualcomm’s patent licensing headache

02-04-2019Paul J Sutton

One might think that a company that owns an enormous and far-reaching patent portfolio would be riding a wave of success, without worries. However, for Qualcomm, that is not the case.

Patent intelligence: Mastering disruptive innovation through patent intelligence

International21-02-2019Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg

With the emergence of disruptive technologies such as drones, self-driving cars, and gene-editing, now is the time to realise that patent intelligence is critical in determining winners and losers in business competition, say Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg of Express Search.

Online counterfeit enforcement: A game of cat and mouse


Increasing numbers of consumers now do their shopping online. How have counterfeiters reacted, and how are brands responding? WIPR finds out.

US jurisdiction report: Apple v Samsung—ending their patent war

31-07-2018mobile devicesPaul J Sutton

What would cause the respected management of a major US corporation to authorise litigation that would probably cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees alone? Especially where the litigation involved a fight over something intangible.

Time for a look at the Apple Watch patent dispute

21-05-2018Paul J Sutton

A patent case filed against Apple and its watch products provides some interesting food for thought, says Paul J Sutton of Sutton Magidoff.

US patents: rotten patent result for Apple

09-05-2016Paul J Sutton

On February 20, Apple suffered a humiliating defeat in one of its latest patent wars with its component supplier Samsung Electronics.

Ericsson: making the call on licensing


With thousands of patents to its name, Ericsson is engaged in more than 100 licensing agreements and is committed to improving the overall licensing landscape. In an interview with WIPR, director of IP rights policy Claudia Tapia explains how.

Sweden: the rise and rise of AI

Sweden19-02-2016Maria Zamkova

Artificial intelligence (AI), the area of computer science dealing with the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans, has been an interesting topic for writers and scientists since the automaton Talos of Crete in Greek mythology.

Inter partes reviews: the effect of estoppel

16-12-2015David Holman and Eldora Ellison

Now that the inter partes review system is three years old, what effects have the estoppel provisions had on concurrent or subsequent district court litigation? David Holman and Eldora Ellison of Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox report.

Five things we learned this week: Apple v Samsung, 'obscure' town and more


The latest twist in the Apple v Samsung dispute and changes to the trial procedure at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board were two of the main talking points this week. WIPR discusses five things we learned.

Showing 11 to 20 of 37 results


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