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It is where you are, not who you are, that counts

17-11-2020Tom Phillips

Despite there being little international harmonisation, rights of publicity exist in various forms across the world—and there are common pitfalls, Tom Phillips finds.

An Unconventional Truth

EU17-11-2020Manisha Singh and Amaya Singh

For nontraditional marks to be protectable, the rules must bend to match the nature of the marks themselves, argue Manisha Singh and Amaya Singh of LexOrbis.

Free Trade Zones: The Problem Child of Global Trade

EU17-11-2020Edward Pearcey

Free trade may be a strong driver of economic growth, but it also facilitates illicit trade. Ed Pearcey finds out how various countries are tackling the challenge.

A Slippery Slope

17-11-2020Peter Scott

It is easy to assume that brand restrictions are a problem only for particular industries, but as Peter Scott finds out, all brands need to be aware of the threat.

China’s Top 10 trademark developments 2021

China16-11-2020Anna Mae Koo

Anna Mae Koo and Ann Xu of Vivien Chan & Co discuss ten key trademark updates from China.

How to win over the C-suite

International16-11-2020Tom Phillips

When climbing the corporate ladder, in-house counsel must challenge stereotypes around what a lawyer does within a business, finds Tom Phillips.

GIs: Welcome to Russia

Russia16-11-2020Viacheslav Rybchak

New rules around geographical indications in Russia are good news for producers of products with territorial characteristics, says Viacheslav Rybchak of Gorodissky & Partners.

Protecting Restaurant Brands During the Pandemic

International16-11-2020Rory O'Neill

Few industries have had to undertake as radical a transformation as the restaurant sector since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rory O’Neill reports.

Unraveling the Brand Value Knot

International16-11-2020Sarah Morgan

Brands—the most valuable but least understood intangible assets—are the lifeblood of companies. From the range of definitions of brand value to the different brand valuation methods, establishing a brand’s true value in tangible terms is fraught with difficulties, as Sarah Morgan reports.

IP Office Cooperation in Action

EU16-11-2020Saman Javed

IP offices are increasingly realizing the benefits of working together and building ever-more sophisticated networks outside their immediate spheres of influence, as Saman Javed explains.

Showing 81 to 90 of 1376 results