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Taking Brand Restrictions to the Top of Government

International, US22-05-2018

INTA must work with non-IP authorities and organizations to influence the global debate on brand restrictions, stressing the economic impact of such policies, says Bruce MacPherson, INTA Chief Policy Officer, in an interview with Ed Conlon.

Canada’s Commitment to IP

Canada, International, US22-05-2018

Canada’s new IP Strategy proposes some important reforms to the trademark system, as Mark Schaan, Director General, Marketplace Framework Policy Branch, Innovation, Science and Economic Development, tells Ed Conlon.

All Eyes on Brexit

EU, International, UK, US22-05-2018

The highly complex matter of Brexit is a top priority for INTA’s work in Europe, as Hélène Nicora, INTA’s Chief Representative Officer, Europe, tells Aaron McDonald.

Tobacco Plain Packaging: A Judge’s View from Germany

EU, International, US22-05-2018

Unlike some other EU member states, Germany has not implemented tobacco plain packaging legislation. Ed Conlon spoke to Judge Neugebauer of the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court about the key questions in this area.

Color Clarity in Court

EU, International, US22-05-2018

Practitioners are curious about the fate of color trademarks in Europe in light of Red Bull Gmbh v. EUIPO, as Aislinn Burton reports.

More Games, More Trademarks

International, US22-05-2018

While Seattle is famous for its coffee and fish-throwing, it’s also home to many video game developers. Sarah Morgan reports on the trademark issues in the industry.

Combating Counterfeit Sports Products

China, EU, International, Spain, US22-05-2018

The Internet can provide a plethora of opportunities for counterfeiters, so professional sports brands need to remain vigilant in protecting consumers. Aaron McDonald reports.

Disparaging Marks and Mascots

International, US22-05-2018

The 2017 decision in Matal v. Tam captured the attention of the trademark community and had serious implications for another decades-long trademark case concerning disparagement. Sarah Morgan reports.

The Psychology of Mediation

International, US22-05-2018

Saturday’s Session CSA24 The Psychology of Mediation: Analyzing How Parties Negotiate, moderated by Kevin Hartley, a Partner at Trust Tree Legal (USA), involved a faux dispute between a family-owned, local craft brewery and a multinational tequila conglomerate.

The Yin and Yang of Licensing

International, US22-05-2018

Licensing can achieve more for a company than mere financial gain, but balancing the requirements of licensor and licensee is a challenge, as Peter Scott reports.

Showing 81 to 90 of 1074 results


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