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Futurist Thinking: From Products to Experiences

International23-05-2017Christian Wuestner

AI and the Internet of Things will change the meaning of ownership and what constitutes a copy, with consequences for IP lawyers as a result. Christian Wuestner reports.

EUIPO: New Name, New Tasks


The European Union Intellectual Property Office has a lot on its plate, especially as a new batch of trademark reforms are set to come into force later this year, as Luis Berenguer, Member of the Executive Director’s Cabinet and Spokesperson of the Office, tells Sarah Morgan.

Chinese trademark filings: importance of reciting goods and services


Foreign trademark attorneys should follow a number of best filing practices when working in China, as Lynn Wang of NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys, Catherine Wang of Dayup Intellectual Property and Allen Baden of Edge Law Group explain.

CIPO: Looking Ahead To 2019

Canada, International22-05-2017Uldduz Larki

With Canada preparing for changes to its Trademarks Act in 2019, Uldduz Larki talks to Mesmin Pierre, Director General of the Trademarks Branch for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, about what to expect.

Patagonia: The Company That Recycles Counterfeits

International22-05-2017Ed Conlon

As a company that enhances environmental protection as much as its profits, apparel brand Patagonia has adopted some innovative ways of dealing with trademark infringement. IP Counsel Robert Tadlock talks to Ed Conlon.

Exploring the Nightlife

International22-05-2017Uldduz Larki

Barcelona has a host of wonderful bars and clubs to visit. Uldduz Larki lists five of the best.

Ambush Marketing: Striking the Right Balance


As the countdown to the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia begins, legal and brand specialists will be monitoring developments around ambush marketing. But as Naomi Jeffreys finds out, it is important for legislators to achieve the right balance between sponsors, trademark owners, and other groups.

Etienne Sanz de Acedo: INTA's New Strategic Plan


Following the launch of INTA’s Strategic Plan 2018–2021, CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo discusses its key aims and why the Association is well placed to meet those goals. Ed Conlon reports.

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International, Spain22-05-2017

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Showing 81 to 90 of 875 results


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