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Battle of the Easter bunnies: the scope of 3D trademarks

EU, Germany01-06-2012Philipe Kutschke

Companies are seeking extensive protection for their IP assets. But it is not always clear how to protect a product’s appearance and shape. Philipe Kutschke explains.

Fileye: take a closer look

01-06-2012Peter Beard and Steve Kiernan

Fileye proves that IP software doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, can look great and doesn’t have to take a long time to implement, say Pro Delta’s Peter Beard and Steve Kiernan.

Widening the scope: genuine use of trademarks

EU, Germany01-06-2012Anna Falter

German questions on the scope of the Bainbridge decision have been referred to the CJEU for a preliminary ruling. Anna Falter reports.

When interim reliefs are granted by Indian IP tribunals

India01-06-2012Pravin Anand and MS Bharath

Pravin Anand and M.S. Bharath describe how Indian tribunals should grant relief.

Recent amendments to Mexico's IP regulations

Mexico01-06-2012Edith Lopez and Irma Ross

Modifications to the Industrial Property Law have some interesting implications for attorneys, as Edith López and Irma Ross report.

Licence agreements: avoiding the traps

Hungary01-06-2012Michael Lantos

Taking care at the draft stage of a licensing agreement to cover all the possible sources of conflict is the best guarantee of a contract running smoothly in Hungary, says Michael Lantos.

Turkey: a rising star at the Europe-Asia bridge

Turkey01-06-2012Kemal Yamankaradeniz and Ersin Dereligil

With record numbers of trademark applications, Turkey's lawyers are doing their utmost to stay on top of the workload. Kemal Yamankaradeniz and Ersin Dereligil provide a perspective.

Exhaustion in India: when is it a national issue?

India01-06-2012Ranjan Narula

Traders of parallel imports claim they are good for consumers; local brand owners say it’s counterproductive and bad for the economy. But what are the grounds for trademark infringement? Ranjan Narula reports

Bad faith registration in Romania

Romania01-06-2012Raluca Vasilescu

A recent case has settled the lingering lack of clarity over how to define bad faith where there are no prior relationships between the parties, as Raluca Vasilescu reports.

Business brief 2012: Australia

Australia01-06-2012Geordie Oldfield and Ward Olivete

Patent rights are secured in Australia by filing appropriate documents and fees at the patent office.

Showing 781 to 790 of 1078 results


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