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Business brief 2012: Cameroon

Cameroon01-06-2012Banyong Fonyam Jonie and Feh Henry Baaboh

Any person wishing to obtain a patent in Cameroon must file an application, via a resident agent, directly with the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI).

Business brief 2012: Costa Rica

Costa Rica01-06-2012María del Pilar López and Esteban Monge

Costa Rica is a member of several conventions and treaties that enable a local patent application to be adjustable for filing in other countries.

Business brief 2012: Finland

Finland01-06-2012Lauri Rechardt

Patent applications must be filed in writing with the National Board of Patents and Registration (the NBPR). The patent application forms are available on the Internet.

Business brief 2012: France

France01-06-2012David-Irving Tayer and Benjamin Martin-Tardivat

A French patent may be obtained directly by filing a national patent application before the French Patent Office (INPI), or through a European patent application before the European Patent Office (EPO).

Business brief 2012: Ireland

Ireland01-06-2012Carol Gormley and Anna Hally

Ireland is party to the European Patent Convention and Patent Cooperation Treaty. Irish patents may be obtained nationally through the Irish Patents Office, or regionally as a European Patent designating Ireland.

Business brief 2012: Italy

Italy01-06-2012Julia Holden and Elisabetta Ferraro

National patent applications are filed before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. Registrations confer rights in the Italian territory.

Business brief 2012: Japan

Japan01-06-2012Ryo Maruyama

Applicants can apply to the Japan Patent Office to obtain a patent. Foreign applicants can take action under the Paris Convention and/or initiate a Patent Cooperation Treaty national-phase application.

Business brief 2012: Malaysia

Malaysia01-06-2012Karen Abraham and Jyeshta Mahendran

Malaysia provides a comprehensive legal framework governing the various intellectual property rights.

Business brief 2012: Mexico

Mexico01-06-2012José Trigueros and Sadara Montenegro

Patent rights in Mexico are secured by the filing of a patent application in strict compliance with the Mexican Industrial Property Law.

Business brief 2012: Norway

Norway01-06-2012Kristina Edén Johnsen

Protection of a patent in Norway is obtained by a national application, by nationalisation of a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application within the 31-month term, or by validation of a European patent.

Showing 771 to 780 of 1056 results


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