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Netherlands jurisdiction report: Slogan marks: got vegan milk?

Netherlands29-03-2021Michiel Rijsdijk

The EU General Court reaffirmed in its decision involving Oatly that a slogan can be protected as a trademark. This decision continues to build on existing EU case law for the successful protection of slogans and it may bring new possibilities for the protection of plant-based substitutes.

France jurisdiction report: Expressing a link to the land

EU, France29-03-2021Aurélia Marie

Last November, the expressions “Linge Basque”, “Absolue Pays de Grasse” and “Pierre d’Arudy” joined the small family of French Geographical Indications for Industrial and Handicraft Products.

The comfort of consent

China29-03-2021George Chan, Ricky Xing and Zoe Sun

A dairy company’s trademark triumph at China’s top court has significantly increased the evidentiary value of letters of consent. George Chan, Ricky Xing, and Zoe Sun of Simmons & Simmons report.

CNIPA releases guiding IP cases for administrative enforcement

China29-03-2021Haoyu Feng

The first release of China’s IP case guides included three regarding trademarks. Haoyu Feng of Chofn IP examines what trademark owners can learn.

Fighting the trademark wolves

China29-03-2021Aimin Huo

It is not easy to defend against mass attacks that target brands in China, but there is a way, explains Aimin Huo of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.

ARIPO trademarks maintenance in Mozambique

Africa24-03-2021Miguel Bibe

Registering and maintaining a trademark in Mozambique throws up some tricky procedural conflicts, explains Miguel Bibe of Inventa International.

US trademark modernisation: what it means for foreign brand owners

12-03-2021Brett Heavner and Yinfei Wu

The Trademark Modernization Act of 2020 offers foreign brand owners new tools to remove problematic marks from the US register, but it could also pose challenges, explain Brett Heavner and Yinfei Wu of Finnegan.

A new era for Sudan?

Sudan02-03-2021Inês Sequeira

After the US removed Sudan from its terrorism blacklist, IP opportunities are there—if the country can update its rights regime, argues Inês Sequeira of Inventa International.

Amazon’s win over Polo Club: a fundamental mistake?

UK19-02-2021Aaron Wood

The English High Court has found in favour of Amazon in a dispute over the sale and visibility of goods in the UK/EU territory. The ruling is a worrying one which could lead to an upheaval in trademark litigation, argues Aaron Wood of Blaser Mills.

Career series: Jo-Ann See, Amica Law

Singapore01-02-2021Muireann Bolger

Jo-Ann See, director of Singapore law firm Amica Law, describes to WIPR how she developed a love of IP after a shaky start in the sector, and why career challenges should be viewed positively.

Showing 141 to 150 of 1479 results


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