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São Tomé and Príncipe: a breath of fresh air for IP

São Tomé and Príncipe19-05-2017

The IP law in São Tomé and Príncipe, a country in the Equatorial Atlantic, has been updated and improved in a number of areas. Inês Monteiro Alves and Daniela Dinis of Inventa International report.

Steps towards harmony


After a host of reforms to the EU trademark system came into force in 2016, another batch will be rolled out in October 2017. WIPR reports on the impact so far and what the future holds for harmonisation.

From paper to platform: the future of IP management


The IP Platform aims to transform IP management and help customers work more efficiently, as Simon Webster of CPA Global describes.

The end of turmoil

Brazil17-05-2017Gabriel Francisco Leonardos and Pedro Vilhena

Three major developments in Brazil suggest the country is entering an exciting era for IP owners. Gabriel Francisco Leonardos and Pedro Vilhena of Kasznar Leonardos report.

Then and now: EU trademarks in the UK

EU, UK17-05-2017

With Brexit looming, Rachel Havard of AA Thornton looks back at the UK trademark profession’s relationship with Europe and considers what the future might hold.

Social media: a global platform for criminals


The rise of social media presents new opportunities for counterfeiters and, in turn, challenges for brand owners, as WIPR finds out.

A modern system for an ancient country


Greece’s IP regime is looking increasingly solid with the help of new European trademark legislation, says Nikolaos Lyberis of Vayanos Kostopoulos in an interview with WIPR on IP developments in the country.

How AI can help with IP management


Artificial intelligence can have many benefits for companies specialising in IP management, even if they have been slow to adopt it, says Volker Spitz of Brandstock in an interview with WIPR.

Benchmarking in the pharma sector

International03-05-2017John Asquith

Brandstock carried out a worldwide review of patent and trademark counsel on behalf of a leading pharma company, making some important findings, as John Asquith reports.

The gateway to Europe

EU, Ireland, UK21-04-2017John Whelan

Ireland, which has long had a close relationship with the UK, hopes to be an attractive gateway to Europe for Britain in a post-Brexit world, says John Whelan of A&L Goodbody.

Showing 121 to 130 of 878 results


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