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IP Down Under: Defense at the Border

Australia, International, US19-05-2018

Surrounded entirely by ocean, Australia is well placed to defend itself from imported counterfeit goods, as Patricia Kelly, Director General of IP Australia, tells Sarah Morgan.

EU Trade Mark Reforms: the Answers You’ve Been Looking For

EU, International, US19-05-2018

Since the second wave of EU trade mark reforms were introduced in October 2017, several questions have come up time and again. Dimitris Botis, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs in the International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, gives Ed Conlon the answers.

Ready, Set, Enjoy the Annual Meeting

International, US19-05-2018

When the 10,800+ registrants converge beginning today for INTA’s 140th Annual Meeting, busy schedules will be the norm.

Italy jurisdiction report: When it’s not ‘made in Italy’

Italy19-05-2018Mauro Bronzini

Since 2003, the national legislator has dictated specific sanctions against the use of “made in Italy” and any other signs or pictures, including trademarks, which may lead consumers to infer an Italian origin of a product when it is not Italian. References have been made to the Italian flag and pictures of famous monuments (the Roman Colosseum, the cathedral and tower of Florence, etc).

Germany jurisdiction report: Judging the consequences of infringement

Germany19-05-2018Jens Künzel

“Trade secrets” is a broad category. They may encompass technical information (such as technical drawings, pharmaceutical recipes, or chemical formulae) or business information (such as customer lists, or profit calculations).

France jurisdiction report: Progress on Brexit

France19-05-2018Aurélia Marie

Brexit discussions between European authorities and the UK have moved forward and the alarmist communication of the European Commission on December 1, 2017, which was countersigned by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, has to be reconsidered in light of the agreement proposed by the Commission and published on February 28, 2018 (European Commission Draft Withdrawal Agreement TF50 [2018] Commission to EU 27, 28 February 2018).

Trademark oppositions in Mexico: Strengthening the defences

Mexico19-05-2018Marisol Balandra

Although Mexico’s trademark opposition system is still young, there are already calls to amend it so it can carry more legal weight. Marisol Balandra of Uhthoff Gomez Vega & Uhthoff reports.

The shifting world of trademark search

International19-05-2018Benoit Fallenius

Technology is changing the face of the trademark search industry, and law firms and brand owners need to keep pace with the developments, says Benoit Fallenius of Markify.

Multilingual trademarks: Finding the lingua franca

Canada, International19-05-2018Suzanne Antal and Micheline Dessureault

Companies operating in the French-speaking Québec province in Canada should be aware of the rules governing which language they should display their trademarks in, as Suzanne Antal and Micheline Dessureault of Joli-Coeur Lacasse Avocats explain.

Sweden jurisdiction report: The scourge of fake trademark renewals

Sweden18-05-2018Maria Zamkova

Have you ever received an invoice from the EPTR (“European Patent and Trademark Register”), OHMI (“Office for International Registration”), “The Community Trademark Register”, or something similar? Is the invoice marked with a sign that looks very similar (but not 100% identical) to the logo of the EU IP Office (EUIPO), the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), or a mix of them?

Showing 121 to 130 of 1056 results


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