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A New Day for Designs

International, US20-05-2018

As brands increasingly turn to designs to protect their IP, a panel yesterday provided some tips for how to manage risk in this crucial area. Sarah Morgan reports.

Empowering IP professionals

20-05-2018Toni Nijm

The IP Platform is the first step towards bringing together technology, services and tools that will help innovators and IP professionals drive efficiencies and make better-informed decisions, says Toni Nijm of CPA Global.

From GIs to industrial designs: positive developments in Mexico


With new trademark regulations coming into force, more robust protection for industrial designs, and recognition of geographical indications, the IP situation in Mexico looks healthy for businesses and legal practitioners alike. WIPR spoke to Enrique Diaz of Goodrich Riquelme y Asociados to find out more.

Trademarks in Cape Verde: Declaring intent to use

Africa, Portugal20-05-2018Diana Pereira and João Francisco Sá

Applicants now have to start filing declarations of intent to use to keep their trademarks in force in Cape Verde. Diana Pereira and João Francisco Sá of Inventa International report.

IP in Brazil: Widening the scope of enforcement

Brazil20-05-2018Eriça Tomimaru

IP owners in Brazil can employ a range of measures to tackle the scourges of counterfeiting and piracy, which are particularly problematic in the South American country. Eriça Tomimaru of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados reports.

Time to step up for better protection

Mexico20-05-2018Emilio Albarran and Victor Adames

If Mexico approves legislative proposals introducing non-traditional trademarks, it will be necessary to change the country’s system and practice so that they can be legally protected. Emilio Albarran and Victor Adames of Becerril, Coca & Becerril report.

Brazil: Winds of change

Brazil20-05-2018Isabella Cardozo and Livia Helayel

If Brazil adopts the Madrid Protocol, companies should be prepared for what could be a radical change to the country’s IP landscape, as Isabella Cardozo and Livia Helayel of Daniel Legal & IP Strategy report.

TREx: hunting for trademark infringers


The new TREx service by the Trademark Clearinghouse offers brands an extra weapon in their fight against online infringement. WIPR speaks to Geert Debyser of the TMCH to find out more.

Meeting the Challenges of Innovation in Asia


Trademark owners need a long-term plan for dealing with infringement and counterfeiting in the ASEAN region, where enforcement can be challenging. Kowit Somwaiya, a member of the INTA Board of Directors, explains more in an interview with Ed Conlon.

Counterfeiting Is a Universal Problem

International, US19-05-2018

Tackling counterfeiting requires a holistic approach in which brands, consumers, and other stakeholders must work together closely, INTA’s External Relations Manager, Anticounterfeiting, Maysa Razavi tells Aislinn Burton.

Showing 121 to 130 of 1074 results


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