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Business in ASEAN: A collective strategy for IP

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand08-12-2018

A clear and collaborative approach to IP in the ASEAN region will benefit businesses seeking to invest there, as Robert Yap, chairman of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, tells WIPR.

Brand protection: Keeping an eye on counterfeits

UK06-12-2018Rachel Jones and Jet Doran

As consumers, we should take greater care in scrutinising online deals which may seem too good to be true given the potential for disappointment, say Rachel Jones and Jet Doran of SnapDragon Monitoring.

In the spotlight: Cooperating with the TMCH


In the second of a two-part series, WIPR speaks to three agents of the Trademark Clearinghouse to hear their perspectives on brand protection.

Mexico trademark cancellations: Muddying the water on non-use

Mexico05-12-2018Carlos Hernandez

In light of national and international developments, Mexico’s law governing trademark cancellations based on non-use has become increasingly complex, says Carlos Hernandez of Becerril, Coca & Becerril.

France jurisdiction report: The case of ‘Neuschwanstein’

France03-12-2018Aurélia Marie

Can the name ‘Neuschwanstein’ work as a trademark or is it an indication of geographical origin?

India jurisdiction report: Protection of well-known trademarks

India30-11-2018N V Saisunder and S Vishaka

India has had one of the fastest-growing economies over the past decade and this has triggered a spurt in the growth of cross-border trade and commerce, with various transnational corporations establishing a business footprint here.

Italy jurisdiction report: Protecting fashion shape marks

Italy28-11-2018Paolo Di Mella and Chiara Domeniconi

Shape is an important factor behind purchasing decisions by consumers, especially in the fashion sector, where the aesthetic appearance of products plays a key role. Fashion designer Pierre Cardin once remarked: “What comes first is the shape. Then the material, which expresses volumes, fluidity, languor. Colour is merely the last feature.”

Mexico jurisdiction report: Partial invalidation of trademarks

Mexico23-11-2018Maria Fernanda de la Cerda

Mexico is experiencing a time of change and evolution in our IP system. The Mexican authorities are discussing new litigation reforms to the IP Law that could place our legal system at the forefront of IP protection.

The looming .eu changes that threaten online brand protection

EU07-11-2018Flip Petillion and Alexander Heirwegh

The EU institutions are seeking to implement potentially wide-ranging restrictions on publicly-accessibly information in the .eu WHOIS database which threaten to severely restrict the ability to investigate and tackle online trademark infringements. Flip Petillion and Alexander Heirwegh of law firm Petillion report.

Enforcing unregistered rights post-Brexit

UK02-11-2018Jessica Le Gros and Daniel Joy

It may be harder for owners of unregistered trademark rights to enforce their marks in the UK after Brexit, in view of recent case law and the UK’s application of the Paris Convention. Jessica Le Gros and Daniel Joy of Baker McKenzie report.

Showing 11 to 20 of 1074 results