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Patent information from centres of excellence

01-12-2011Ron Kaminecki

Finding prior art information usually involves searches by subject terms or class codes and can quite often involve patent assignees and inventors as subject terms. Ron Kaminecki explains.

First international conference on IP in Jewish law


In late June, law firm JMB Factor & Co sponsored a full day conference on intellectual property in Jewish law in Jerusalem, in conjunction with Yad HaRav Herzog.

Second chance saloon: opposing software patents


Oppositions are becoming more popular year on year, but just how useful are they for getting rid of unwanted or inconvenient software patents? WIPR takes a look at the opposition procedures in the US and Europe to find out.

Patent litigation across the border: why expectations should change when home rules don't apply

01-10-2011Richard Gough

Patent litigation is demanding, complex and costly. Cross-border litigation multiplies the challenges. Richard Gough discusses the outcomes.

Honest IP: an interview with Sir Robin Jacob


The Rt. Hon. Sir Robin Jacob is a former Lord Justice of the Court of Appeals for England and Wales, and the current Sir Hugh Laddies chair of IP law at UCL. He talks to WIPR about IP law in the UK and Europe.

Selecting a forum: ITC versus district court

01-10-2011Carl C. Charneski

The International Trade Commission is a popular forum for companies looking to deal with patent infringement. Carl Charneski, former administrative law judge at the ITC, takes a look at the best approach.

Amendments to Japanese IP laws

Japan01-10-2011Yoshitaka Sonoda

The Japanese Diet passed an act amending Japanese IP law (including patent law, trademark law, utility model law and design law) on June 8, 2011. Yoshitaka Sonoda, a patent attorney in Japan, takes a look.

WIPR's India focus: steady progress, but plenty still to do


India is continuing its charge to become one of the most influential economic powers in the world. But with this status comes a range of IP challenges. WIPR takes a look.

How effective are Indian border measures?

India01-10-2011Mahua Roy Chowdhury

Changes to India's customers law have helped, but brands need to get more involved in tackling counterfeiting, says Mahua Roy Chowdhury.

CIPA Congress: a word from the president

01-10-2011Tim Roberts

Ahead of the CIPA Congress in London in October, CIPA president Tim Roberts writes about the organisation's position in the wider world of intellectual property.

Showing 771 to 780 of 985 results