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Influential Women in IP Class of 2020: Vivien Chan

China, Hong Kong02-06-2020Vivien Chan

Vivien Chan helps major multinational corporations and listed companies to do business in Greater China, as she tells WIPR.

Influential Women in IP Class of 2019: Spring Chang

China02-06-2020Spring Chang

Spring Chang has played a central role in the growth of her firm, Chang Tsi & Partners, and is proud of its successes in promoting diversity, as she tells WIPR.

Positive strides: WIPR's diversity and inclusion survey

International02-06-2020Sarah Morgan

WIPR’s latest survey on diversity and inclusion provides another sombre snapshot of an industry that’s behind the times but trying hard to catch up through a variety of initiatives. Sarah Morgan reports.

‘A safe zone’: how mentors can help young women in law


The legal profession hasn’t traditionally been ahead of the curve on formal mentorship programmes, instead relying on a more informal, organic exchange of knowledge between senior lawyers and young starters. WIPR reports.

Career series: Elaine Drager, Nokia

06-05-2020Elaine Drager

Elaine Drager, head of IP and asset strategy at Nokia, is not afraid of being the proverbial zebra in a herd of giraffes. Here, she tells WIPR about her childhood ambition to pursue robotics, and her dislike of declarations of “success” in the gender diversity arena.

Patent filings: where are the women?

International08-04-2020Sarah Morgan

“Shameful” is the word WIPO director general Francis Gurry used last month to describe the lack of women participating in the innovation ecosystem. And the statistics back him up—less than one-fifth (18.7%) of inventors named in international patent applications in 2019 were women. Sarah Morgan reports.

Career series: Laura Schoppe, Fuentek

06-04-2020Laura Schoppe

Laura Schoppe of technology transfer consultant Fuentek tells WIPR about her earlier work at GE Aerospace, why she founded her own firm, and about serving up clam chowder to geniuses.

Career series: Millicent Grant

International09-03-2020Millicent Grant

Millicent Grant is a pioneer. Earlier this year, she became the first chartered legal executive to be appointed an Honorary Queen’s Counsel in the UK.

D&I: putting your money where your mouth is

05-03-2020Sarah Morgan

Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis has become the latest corporate to place tough diversity demands on outside counsel. It’s good news, but is it enough? Sarah Morgan reports.

Career series: Sanjana Sharma, UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

International31-01-2020Sanjana Sharma

Sanjana Sharma, associate general counsel for IP and knowledge management at UL, recalls her early interest in being a brand attorney and describes the rewards of working in a collaborative environment.

Showing 81 to 90 of 109 results