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Hidden depths: the problem of unconscious bias

International04-11-2020Muireann Bolger

Deep-rooted prejudices continue to blight the legal sector and its D&I efforts. But while many firms have introduced training programmes to tackle unconscious bias, it will take more than quick-fixes to change entrenched behaviour. Muireann Bolger reports.

Career series: Catherine Lemay, Hexo

Canada04-11-2020Muireann Bolger

Catherine Lemay, assistant general counsel–IP at cannabis company Hexo, outlines her career path and what her working day may entail.

Diversity in Mexico and beyond

Mexico04-11-2020Sarah Morgan

Véronique Durand of Baker McKenzie and Abril Rodriguez of EY share their experiences of diversity and inclusion in Mexico and discuss the current challenges to developing a more inclusive environment.

Career series: Regan Smith, US Copyright Office

06-10-2020Muireann Bolger

Regan Smith, general counsel and associate register of copyrights at the US Copyright Office, tells WIPR about how an earlier venture into the entertainment field led to IP, and how important it is for women to support each other.

Tackling the last taboo: disability in law

International06-10-2020Debbie Foster

A report from Cardiff Business School, released earlier this year, thrust into the spotlight a culture of hostility and discrimination for disabled people in the legal profession. Debbie Foster, co-author of the report, tells us more.

Levelling up diversity: tech is one of the ways forward

International02-10-2020Jayne Durden

Technology has a key role to play in helping law firms address diversity issues and achieve a genuine culture of inclusion. Jayne Durden of Anaqua spoke to two female lawyers about their experiences and their opinions of what needs to change.

INTA: Leading on and off the court

International09-09-2020Sarah Morgan

Earlier this year, the International Trademark Association focused on championing and advancing women’s leadership in IP. WIPR spoke to its president, Ayala Deutsch, to find out more.

Career series: Jayne Durden, Anaqua

International07-09-2020Jayne Durden

Jayne Durden, vice president of law firm strategy at Anaqua, tells WIPR about her motivation to help companies achieve their goals in a simpler way, and her determination to mentor and encourage her younger peers.

Career series: Sarah Burstein, University of Oklahoma


Sarah Burstein, professor of law at the University of Oklahoma, tells WIPR about her unconventional route into IP, her proudest achievement and the ongoing challenges facing women in law.

Promoting diversity in IP law: how small actions can lead to big changes

05-08-2020Eldora Ellison and Gaby Longsworth

Diversity, equality and inclusion are firmly on companies’ agendas in 2020, but how can you make a difference? Eldora Ellison and Gaby Longsworth of Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox offer their advice.

Showing 21 to 30 of 74 results


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