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Best practices for mentorship in IP

30-01-2023William Peterson and Julie Goldemberg

As January marks National Mentorship Month, Morgan Lewis partners William Peterson and Julie Goldemberg explore their journey and offer takeaways for a successful dynamic.

The IP gender gap: post-pandemic lessons

International30-01-2023Raquel Flanzbaum

The rise in remote and hybrid working offers a chance for firms to address the ongoing challenges related to the IP sector’s gender gap, says Raquel Flanzbaum of Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum.

Mexico: All in the details

Mexico17-01-2023Victor Garrido and Christian Thomae

Mexico has made positive changes to its IP system but greater clarity is needed to reassure rights holders. Victor Garrido and Christian Thomae of Dumont round up the key developments in 2022.

Thinking outside the box to meet clients' demands

International22-11-2022Lisa Mueller

Diversity targets set by clients may be unrealistic for smaller firms to meet. Lisa Mueller of Casimir Jones explores how creative D&I solutions can make a difference.

Finding a creed of tolerance

International16-11-2022Muireann Bolger

As reports of religious intolerance rise, IP lawyers share their personal stories with Muireann Bolger.

Promoting women in STEM


What does it mean for women to be at the heart of our business? Janine Swarbrick and Sofie McPherson of HGF examine the gender balance in IP and what is being done to improve it.

A time for reflection

International28-10-2022Andrea Brewster

Seven years after founding IP Inclusive, Andrea Brewster offers insights on the organisation’s remarkable journey and its impact on the sector.

Mentorship: Reaching out

International27-10-2022Malaika Tyson

Diverse mentorship is a powerful tool to help attorneys from minority backgrounds navigate the office environment and ultimately become industry leaders, says Malaika Tyson of McAndrews, Held & Malloy.

Striving for authenticity

International26-10-2022Muireann Bolger

Authenticity is often seen as being key to personal and professional success. But when you don’t fit a certain mould, achieving this desired state in the workplace can be challenging, as lawyers disclose to Muireann Bolger.

Ageism in the multigenerational workforce

International24-10-2022Sarah Speight

As the average lifespan and working age increases, more people are choosing to work past retirement—but is ageism an issue faced in the workplace? Sarah Speight investigates.

Showing 1 to 10 of 140 results


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