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The history and purpose of section 1782: will courts permit discovery into documents located abroad?

21-09-2020Lionel Lavenue, Ben Cassady and Joseph Myles

For many decades, section 1782 has enabled foreign parties to seek discovery in the US but unsettled jurisprudence around the act has led to confusion among different courts, as Lionel Lavenue, Ben Cassady and Joseph Myles of Finnegan report.

How to earn protection for trade secrets

07-09-2020Robert Yoches and Michelle Rice

Robert Yoches and Michelle Rice of Finnegan explore some of the recent requirements laid down by US courts.

Beating ‘wilful infringement’: a new alternative?

23-07-2020Lionel Lavenue, R. Benjamin Cassady, Kevin Spinella and Seth Bruneel

The most common tactics for defending allegations of wilful infringement can be risky and expensive. But a new Nevada court decision suggests there could be another way, as lawyers from Finnegan argue.

Patent ineligibility in Ericsson v TCL

China, United States12-05-2020Computer software, ElectronicsJeffrey D Smyth, Max Mauldin and Joseph Myles

In a significant 35 USC §101 ruling, the Federal Circuit has held that claims relating to an Ericsson patent were ineligible subject matter under the law, as Jeffrey D Smyth, Max Mauldin and Joseph Myles of Finnegan explain.

Breathing life into AI


As artificial intelligence research surges across the globe, WIPR looks at the effect that patent filings in this area will have on companies.

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Showing 1 to 5 of 5 results