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Procter & Gamble: Keeping the IP House Clean and Tidy


Managing a global trademark operation at Procter & Gamble is no easy feat, especially when dealing with hurdles such as piles of papers and changes of address, as Deborah Brincat, Senior Legal Manager, tells Ed Conlon.

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Are you aware of all of the benefits that Pro Bono legal services can provide? Not only do pro bono services help the legal community as a whole, but they can greatly assist an attorney’s career.

Private Labels: Keeping an Eye on Consumers


Private labels need to be carefully designed so that they don’t mimic those of popular brands too closely, registrants at the Annual Meeting heard yesterday. Sarah Morgan reports.

Futurist Thinking: From Products to Experiences

International23-05-2017Christian Wuestner

AI and the Internet of Things will change the meaning of ownership and what constitutes a copy, with consequences for IP lawyers as a result. Christian Wuestner reports.

Mexico: Getting to Grips with the New Regime

International, Mexico23-05-2017Álvaro Huerta

Almost a year after Mexico implemented a trademark opposition system, rights owners are coming to grips with the new regime.

Barcelona Souvenirs to Take Home

International23-05-2017Uldduz Larki

Nougat, footwear, and football shirts are just some of the souvenirs that you could take home from your trip to Barcelona, as Uldduz Larki reports.

EUIPO: New Name, New Tasks


The European Union Intellectual Property Office has a lot on its plate, especially as a new batch of trademark reforms are set to come into force later this year, as Luis Berenguer, Member of the Executive Director’s Cabinet and Spokesperson of the Office, tells Sarah Morgan.

INTA Staff Interview: In Search of Harmonization


INTA’s Regional Offices are working hard to promote trademark harmonization, but there are many challenges on the way. Sarah Morgan speaks to three INTA staff members working in this area.

Smoothing the Path of Cross-Border Litigation

International23-05-2017Uldduz Larki

In November 2017 discussions on updating a multilateral treaty governing foreign judgments will resume at the Hague Conference, an intergovernmental organization. Its First Secretary, Marta Pertegás, speaks with Uldduz Larki about the potential impact on trademarks

CIPO: Looking Ahead To 2019

Canada, International22-05-2017Uldduz Larki

With Canada preparing for changes to its Trademarks Act in 2019, Uldduz Larki talks to Mesmin Pierre, Director General of the Trademarks Branch for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, about what to expect.

Showing 21 to 30 of 70 results


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