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Lunch and Learn: How to Be a Creative IP Lawyer

International24-05-2017Christian Wuestner

Anyone can learn to be innovative in their job, and there are techniques to facilitate the process.

Mary Boney Denison: Hitting Targets and Tackling Dead Wood

International24-05-2017Sarah Morgan

Mary Boney Denison, Commissioner for Trademarks at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, must stay on top of targets, keep customers happy, fight fraud, and root out the dead wood, as she told Sarah Morgan.

Impact Studies: Making the Most of Trademarks

International24-05-2017Sarah Morgan

Combining data with on-the-ground knowledge helps to make INTA’s impact studies more successful, says Sheila Francis, INTA’s Director of Marketing and Liaison for the Impact Studies Committee, in an interview with Sarah Morgan.

AB InBev: Keeping a Clear Head


International brewer AB InBev requires clear documentation of trademark rights when buying or merging with another company, as Associate General Counsel Jeremy Roe tells Ed Conlon.

General Mills: A Household Name


While trademarks and trade dress are important for protecting General Mills’ many food products, brand value itself goes deeper than just a legal registration. Josh Burke, senior IP counsel, talks to Ed Conlon about protecting rights and keeping consumers happy.

Mr. Justice Arnold: Brexit and Trademarks

EU23-05-2017Sarah Morgan

Mr. Justice Arnold, the judge in charge of the English Patents Court, talks Brexit and its impact on trademark law in the country.

ASEAN and Madrid: Six Down, Four to Go

International23-05-2017Ed Conlon

The ASEAN region has embarked on a ten-year IP plan, with accession to the Madrid Protocol one of the core aims. Ed Conlon analyzes progress so far.

Keeping it Real: Fighting Back Against Fake News


Fake news took center stage yesterday as panelists discussed its impact on the publishing industry and the need for a speedy response. Ed Conlon reports.

INTA and QBPC: Continuing the Collaboration


INTA’s President and China’s QBPC Chairman have renewed a cooperation agreement designed to protect and promote the use of trademarks among their members.

Read All About It: The TM5 Subcommittee

International23-05-2017Naomi Jeffreys

One of INTA’s youngest subcommittees covers the TM5, a cooperative effort between five major trademark offices. The subcommittee’s Chair, Elisabeth Escobar, speaks with Naomi Jeffreys about its importance.

Showing 11 to 20 of 70 results