WIPR Insights Trademarks Rankings 2023: China

WIPR Insights presents its inaugural rankings of the leading PRC and international firms trademark firms and lawyers. Trademarks can represent the most valuable asset of a company, and China is arguably the global hotspot for international brands seeking to protect the value of their most important goods and services.

A fact recognised by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) with the proposed amendments to the Trademark Law intended to tackle perennial bugbears, such as “bad faith” trademark registration, trademark squatting, and trademark hoarding. The aim is bolster the legitimacy of registered trademarks and to address anti-competitive trademark practices. 

China trademark lawyers report the CNIPA is committed to increasing the robustness of trademark legal protection for not only international brands, but also domestic companies as their portfolios increase in value. Landmark cases like shoe brand Manolo Blahnik’s eventual success in securing its trademark in China attests to this development.

WIPR Insights rankings of International and PRC law firms and lawyers spotlight those firms and individuals best placed to advise brands in navigating these new opportunities. Some questioned the need for separate rankings pointing out that the distinction between the two sets of firms is not what is was when the market opened up to private practitioners in the late 80s. And, that rights of legal audience in the Chinese courts give local firms a privilege that may erode any distinctive advantage of international firms.

The consensus is, that while the market may be dynamic, distinct international and local firm rankings remain instructive. As WIPR Insights began its research calls China trademark law firms were basking in the possibility of post-Lockdown freedom to travel both inside and outside the country. Across the board trademark lawyers were looking forward to a break from the habitual Beijing smog and reconnecting with contacts and clients in face-to-face meetings again.


China International Firms Trademarks Rankings


China PRC Firms Trademarks Rankings