Venable - US Trademark Rankings 2023


Firm Overview:

From 13 offices in the US, Venable advises its industry-diverse clients on global trademark matters. The full-service firm offers the complete range of contentious and non-contentious services and manages large portfolios for industry leaders, including lifestyle and adult entertainment brand Playboy, handling its 10,000+ marks in 190 countries. Notably, Venable represents Mattel against Burberry, opposing the fashion brand’s registration of ‘BRBY’. The US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) matter has gained attention alongside the July 2023 release of the popular live-action Barbie movie.

Historically, Venable’s trademark litigation team has acted on significant matters up to the US Supreme Court. In 2000, Venable succeeded on behalf of Walmart in the precedential Walmart v Samara Brothers. The case established the principle that for the owner to obtain trademark protection for a product design, it must be widely recognised that the product was created by the owner.