Upcycling: brands buckle up for a new fashion trend


Béatrice Martinet and Natalie Bize

Upcycling: brands buckle up for a new fashion trend

NatalyaBond / Shutterstock.com

Reusing zips, buttons and logos from designer brands to create new clothing is a hit with consumers but it’s a risky business, find Beatrice Martinet and Natalie Bize of Sideman & Bancroft.

With consumers’ growing environmental consciousness and desire for a more sustainable fashion industry, the idea of offering a “second-life” to pre-worn clothing has garnered tremendous success.

A quick search on Etsy or a scroll through Instagram quickly reveals boutique after boutique offering “upcycled” jewellery and accessories incorporating pieces from prominent luxury brands. 

These pieces generally include buttons, zippers, and other hardware from designer clothing and bags reworked into jewellery pieces, luxury bags cut into strips to create watch bands and wristlet keychains, and dust bags being added as patches to denim jackets and other clothing items.